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tHerE’s nO rHyME OR ReAsoN

tHerE’s nO rHyME OR ReAsoN

When this house was built in the mid 50’s there was no rhyme or reason to the layout – inside or out. Nothing makes sense in 2016 as it may have in 1956.

Trees and shrubs were planted too close to the house and in random places. There was no thought to the growing process it seems. Those small pine twigs are now stately giants swaying towards the house in every wind. Have you ever checked out the cost of having a tree cut down? Don’t.

Hanging pictures in the house took on the same sequence. H’s mom and dad carried on the tradition of ‘if there is a blank space – hang a picture’. It didn’t matter if that picture didn’t fit in with the decor or not. If it was the right size and shape it was a done deal.

The walls were dotted with tapcon screws, that when removed, left holes the size of a crater. Trying to balance a scheme to leave the least amount of patchwork made my brain hurt at times.

With no electrical outlets in the bathrooms my hairdryer shares a surge protector around the corner with a tv, pencil sharpener, and lamp.

Because there wasn’t the technology with electrical appliances in the 50’s as there is today, my kitchen has only two outlets – one on each side of the room. Not wanting to overload the outlet near the stove we snake the fridge cord around the corner to the living room outlet and no one is the wiser.

Yes, rewiring this house is in our future I’m sure. There’s also not much lighting in this old house. The bedrooms have wall sconces that are useless. Ceiling fans were added no later than the sixties from the look of them. Last weekend H replaced the ceiling fan in our bedroom with a new one sporting a light kit. Now we can see the cobwebs in the corners! Cleaning will be so much easier – when I get around to it…

Then he decided to replace the light in the dining area with a ceiling fan with a light kit so we can actually see what we are eating – when I cook. Hopefully it will also help stir the air in the almost closed in tiny kitchen.

After working for several hours and a day the fan was up and we were ready to check it out. Uh-oh…fan and light worked great, but we had no overhead kitchen light and no juice to the fridge. I’m amazed at how these circuits are all   connected. Two more rewiring tricks and we are finally in business.

We are going to run out of all those tricks up our sleeve someday…




H and I are in the middle of a disagreement right now. I call it a disagreement because if I let myself voice my opinion it would be well beyond disagreement status. Sometimes I have to pick my battles. 

He’s old school. I’m not. I say let’s paint some of this old dark furniture and he says let’s not.

H – “It came from Grandmothers house in Philidelphia.”

Me – “Actually it didn’t, but so what if it did come from Grandmothers house in Phildelphia. There is no law saying we can’t paint it and brighten this place up a bit. This is a beach house for heavens sake- not a Victorian mansion! 

H – “Absolutely not! It’s old. It’s an antique.”

So that was about the end of that conversation until he said he would move that china cabinet to another room in the house if I didn’t want it where it was. 

Me – “Ok…so what other room do you put a china cabinet in? There are three bedrooms and one and one half baths to pick from. You choose. ” I said that with a little smirk on my face. 

H – (I could see him holding in a laugh with this one because he knows I’m right.) “I can find a place. In our room. In your sewing room.” (aka The Philedelphia Room)

Me – “What will you do with all those boxes of stuff from your office that has been sitting against the wall in our bedroom for three months? And…in my sewing room it will have to sit in the middle of the room for lack of wall space.”

H – “I could find the space if I needed to.”

Me – “Well you let me know when you find the space.”

He wasn’t budging. I walked away from that discussion even though I can sometimes get him to cross over to my side.  I didn’t even want to move it. I only wanted to paint the #*%€ thing! 

When H’s mom or dad did something one way it was set in stone – don’t move it or paint it or change it in any form. In my opinion nothing is set in stone. 

That’s the reason I am waiting for this dinasoar of a fridge to kick the bucket because if H had his way we would purchase a new one and put the old one in Andrews room (of all places) because his mother at one time had a freezer in there. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us! 

There is also the subject of the tacky storm door on the back door going into the breezeway. H thinks it will save us from a hurricane one day. As if! Dad put that there so it was for a reason. 

As for that old dryer in the side yard that needs to go on the curb or to the junk yard – well you know, it was Mom’s last dryer. 

I won’t even go there. 



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