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I’ve carried that bag around to football games and on band trips for 10 years. It’s become my friend. I’m going miss it. :(

Now I have a new friend and my cyber friend Susanna from a thin girl sent it to me from NY. I love it! Thanks Susannah – just in time for a new school!

Granted, it’s smaller than my previous bag, but it’s time to downsize. A couple of bottles of water, a few pairs of gloves – for those who always seem to forget – a needle and thread for lost buttons – there’s always one, and some snack candy.  That just about does it. Did I forget anything?

Oh! The camera, of course, to video that superior show these kids will perform! Or if not, they will be able to see their mistakes on Monday afternoon.




Have you ever noticed the rudeness of people when you are out driving? It’s like they believe they are the only ones on the road and  have blinders on when it comes to sharing the roadway.

Now, I can talk and say this because I’m a courteous driver and a careful driver – I think – but my children beg to differ I believe. I think it is because I may be a little slower than they are. I will sit at a crossroads with no light waiting for that last car a quarter mile down the road to pass me by before I turn out into oncoming traffic. Is that the sound of  car horns tooting behind me? My hands begin to sweat if I am expected to cross over two are more lanes of traffic with no traffic light to reach the other side. Give me that light any day, even if I have to travel a mile out of my way to get to it!

Others will screech out into that traffic with oncoming cars whizzing to and fro, barely missing the bumper of their car as they zoom past. I’d rather be safe than sorry. You know you have to watch out for the other guy because they are not watching out for you.

As for rudeness, I was trying to back out from the gas pumps yesterday because I was blocked in from the front for what seemed like hours while the woman ahead of me visited with her friend across the way. As I was trying to get in position to go forward a little white truck comes out of nowhere and then inches forward at the pump beside me until I have no place to turn this vehicle around. Couldn’t he see I was trying to turn around on a dime as it was?

As I finally got turned around – with no help from that little white truck guy – I inched toward the exit of this busy road leading into three lanes of traffic. I had my blinker on – I always use my blinker, though H does not – not one car ceased their speed to let me pull into the line of cars backing up at the light ahead. This may take all day. I just want to turn into traffic and head on down the road.

Finally, I was back out on the road, merrily on my way. Until…I realized I should be in that left lane to make my exit up ahead. With two more miles until the exit in tourist traffic, you can’t wait until the last minute. Once again every driver tearing past me at breakneck speed was oblivious to my blinker. Surely my blinker is actually working? It makes me wonder.

On the last leg of my trip I got behind a cement truck and you all know how slow those can be. I wonder how they keep their balance with that tank turning on top as they travel down the road. I had a lot of time to think and wonder as I followed this truck down the highway going forty miles an hour. Cars were beginning to back up behind me on this two lane highway with double yellow lines and nowhere to pass. I sure hope they didn’t think I was the root of the hold-up. After ten minutes of this the driver of the truck pulled to the side of the road and waved me and the forty cars behind me by his bulky truck.  Now there was one courteous drive in my path today! 

I stayed calm and did not let road rage take over, though at times it came close. I don’t know how H makes this trip to and from work every day.



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