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It has taken me forever and a day to come up with a name for the Alaska book and today it hit me – really it hit H. He’s been editing for me this week. I’ve hidden all the red pens in the house. The black scribble is hard enough to look at!

Earlier today as we were talking over lunch, I was complaining that no one was taking an interest in helping name this book – my kids. They were almost ignoring my texts on the subject. I couldn’t call it The Alaska Book forever. He looked at me and rattled off a name. “That’s it! That’s perfect!” I said.

After a little tweaking, here it is!


An Alaskan Homesteading Adventure 

Now granted, you probably won’t understand the concept of this title – until you read the book…so I guess you will have to read the book.

Anyway, I’m excited! One step closer to publishing. Now I can at least plan out my book cover while H is brandishing that red black pen.





I’ve been absent, but I’ve been writing on the Alaska book so that canceled that out. Right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Throughout this whole writing process, I’ve often ask myself if there is any interest out there for this kind of story. Would anyone besides immediate family or relatives want to read about a man (some would say he’d lost his mind) who persuaded his wife in 1959 to pull up stakes and travel more than 4000 miles across the northern states, pulling a forty-foot trailer with four young kids in tow, to homestead in the Alaska wilderness? Would they care about personal letters home depicting the hardships, but also the excitement of the new life ahead? Who cares if there were bear and moose and lynx in the front yard – because the woods were our front yard…and back yard…and side yard. The woods were everywhere!  I know if I was on the other side of the spectrum, I’d pick a book like that up to read. If nothing else the story will now all be down in print for the younger family generations, Lest I Forget. They never will. And that’s what counts.

What’s weighing on my mind now is the book title. Lets face it, The Alaska Book just isn’t going to cut it. I have other options. I want something catchy to include and honor my mother because without the content of her notes, journal, and letters, this book probably wouldn’t be. As the messenger, I only added my thoughts to the context. I hope I did her writing justice. I fear I haven’t.

The book cover is firmly imbedded in my mind while I am hoping to make it work. The few pictures we have from this time are very grainy and poor quality. Where there’s a will there’s a way, I’m sure.

I’m not going to announce a publishing date yet (I’m hoping by Christmas) because we all know the inevitable is more likely than not to happen – deadlines aren’t always reached, and postponements aren’t taken in stride. Pictures and updates on the book are available on my author Facebook page. Take a look. You’ll be glad you did. Invite your friends. I’ll be glad you did. Hope to see you there.

I want to say it’s finished, completed, done! Each time I read over the content there’s something to correct, change, move around. I have to finish sometime.

I’m going to disappear again and write on Alaska…



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