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It was a dark and gloomy night and there we were trying to function in the dark – no lights, no TV, no cool air blowing through the vents. 

I had just finished cooking. Yeah, I know – I don’t cook. Not often anyway, but H had requested meatloaf and I obliged. The plates were on the table and the drinks poured. Now if we could only find that table. 

Once, a long time ago, I was use to this senerio living where the electricity went out if a bird lighted on the line and sometimes it would be the better part of the day or night before we were brought up to code again. I guess the stint I endured in the Alaska homesteading adventure had prepared me for that phase of my life. 

I thought I had left all that behind me when I moved into the city. The only time we were without electricity around here was during a hurricane. I don’t think we even lost power with that freak ice storm we had a couple winters ago. 

Here we were though with a little rain on the horizon and out go the lights! There was some fumbling around and H whips out his handy-dandy flashlight. (BTW – Flashlights make great Christmas gifts for men. They feel as though they have received the greatest toy on earth.) This was the same flashlight he brandishes when prowling around the house in the middle of the night. I guess he thinks that beam of light flashing up and down the dark hallway resembling the beacon flashing on a dark night from the top of a distant lighthouse will bother me less than if he switched on the hall light. 

I had no candles to speak of and wouldn’t know where to find them if I did. So…we did the next best thing. We had dinner-by-flashlight. 

Thankful for my Kindle Fire, I was able to stretch out on the sofa and catch up on a bit of reading after dinner. H, on the other hand, realized his electric recliner does not recline without electricity. 




Today I was able to magically set aside a block of time to actually work on my ‘Alaska Book’ again. I can’t believe it has been almost four months since I’ve interacted with it aside from in my head on a daily basis. If you haven’t been following along you can read about the start of this adventure here and here.

To my surprise, when I opened up my file, I only had two more chapters of ‘The Letters’ to copy and paste into my manuscript. I probably would have finished this phase up sooner if I had realized that. It was a  lot of copying and pasting because I already typed these letters years ago. They were not in the format I wanted for this book though,  so now they are. It’s been a good days work in this block of time.

So…I have the first phase typed – The Adventure Begins – the second phase copied and pasted in – The Letter’s,  and now it’s time for the memories from the children, family, and friends.

There were five of us children, Naomi, Debbie, Lindy (me), Chip, and Tish. We all wrote up our memories years ago when I first copied only the letters to put in book form for Mother. Today I read over those memories before I copied and pasted and of course I was blubbering by the time I finished the last one.

Here’s an excerpt from my brothers’ (Chip) memories that brought tears to my eyes for some reason.

After we returned to Louisiana I was lost for a time.  I was very homesick and wanted to go back. I was suddenly in an alien world with no mountains or snow.  The giant pine trees of Louisiana were pretty, but I missed the spruce and poplar. I know now how hard life had to have been on my parents while there. They gave us an experience few in this world will ever have.  I was part of a small group of adventurers that stood on the edge of the modern world and the world of our pioneer past.  When I read of the early settlers of our country I can relate to the hardships these people had. We are all grown now and have gone our separate ways, but for a time we were a very close family group that lived in abject poverty and thought ourselves rich. We endured hardships that our friends will never know and grew with a pride few families ever experience. I often wonder what would have become of us had we stayed. Chip

Isn’t it strange how wonderful memories make you tear up sometimes? These were magical times for us as you will soon see.



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