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How NOT To Waste Time

How NOT To Waste Time

I hate to waste time and am always multitasking. Did you have a great time visiting with family over the Thanksgiving Holiday and, like me, that 5 – 6 – 7 or even longer trip looms ahead of you? What do you do with that time – if you are not the principal driver? Here’s some ideas.

  1. Delete all those emails that piled up on your electronic device while you were too busy with family to actually check your accounts 15 times a day. I just deleted 517 emails!
  2. Catch up with your ‘Words With Friends’ games. I’ve kept mine dangling for a few days now.
  3. Delete all the unused apps on your phone. Why do I even have a MapMyBeauty and Houzz app? And I don’t remember the last time I used my Couch to 5K app!
  4. Put your sunglasses on and take a much needed nap. H is under the impression that I need to stay awake even if I’m not driving. Something about missing the scenery…he can’t tell my eyes are closed behind these sunglasses and I’m not so conked out I don’t hear when he asks a question.
  5. Snack. This goes without saying!
  6. Read a good book. Here’s one to start with. And here’s another. Sorry for the shameless plugs!
  7. Write a blog post. See…I just did that!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was spent with loved ones as mine were!



Cluttered Minds Want To Know

Cluttered Minds Want To Know

In a hurry to get off to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, my mind was wandering and I put anti- frizz cream on my face this morning. Now if I was sporting a full beard that might have been ok. I’m not…

I’ve put a dozen eggs in the freezer, milk in the cabinet, and a book in the microwave.

I’ve found countless cups of coffee in the microwave that were put there to reheat and then forgotten.

Speaking of forgetting, I made a huge pot of seafood gumbo one evening and left it on the stove to cool before putting it in the fridge. The next day – and I’m not talking morning – I found it still on the stove top. It was plenty cool by then, don’t you think?

I continuously rethink the reason of why I walked into a room. Was I after a specific item or just wandering listlessly through the house?

On any given day I ask myself, “Where’s my kindle, my glasses, my scissors? Where did I leave my glass of OJ?”

I’m hoping this is all because I multitask too much. My mind is whirring a mile a minute. It could be because I’m getting older. We all do…

What item of yours have you found in a peculiar place?


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