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I’m excited. Are you excited? Snoopy and Charlie Brown are excited! Even though I’m not the tattoo artist she thought I was, thanks to tripleclicka I received my 400th follower on my blog last night and I slept through the whole thing. :( I’m on top of it now though!

Where did she find me? Through Julz of course on The Spare – A Place To Play! As Janice Wald mentioned to me in a comment this morning – “Networking is the answer to growth.”

Now tripleclicka (I would call her by name, though I didn’t find that info on her site – hint-hint) didn’t ask for this and I didn’t advertise it, but I’m going to send her a copy of  ‘Crossing The Line’ just as soon as she sends me her contact information. It’s the least I can do! You can get your copy of Crossing too if you just click on that book cover over to your right in my side bar. ;)

It may not be a big deal to you or the blogger who has followers in the thousands, however, to me the number 400 is a huge thing when you start from zero. It may have taken me two years to do it, but it was two years well spent and now I have 400 great new friends in my neighborhood to show for all that hard work! That’s pretty cool.

If you are visiting and reading come follow along on that follow button in the sidebar. You never know what I will do when I reach 500 or even 401! ;)






Secrets of Successful Bloggers

Elle Knowles:

There are lots of little secrets to successful blogging, but Janice Wald seems to have put her finger on one of the most important ingredients. It’s not a secret anymore. All you have to do is take it and run with it! ~Elle

Originally posted on Reflections:

Networking is the Secret Ingredient to Blogging. What is the one secret ingredient to blogging?

Are you a blogger who has tried everything you can think of to improve readership?  Are you tired of being discouraged by falling stats?  Be concerned no more.  There is a definite answer to getting more readership.

This is a follow-up post to How To Be A Successful Blogger: 19 Experts Share Their Secrets.  Even though I just published it a week ago, it is my most successful post.  I am still a relatively new blogger, but the post was getting triple-digit page views for many days after it was published.  According to my definition in 4 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral,  my interview of the 19 bloggers went viral since it had unusually high page views.

However, despite the favorable response of the readers, the post did not offer a definitive answer since the nineteen experts disagreed…

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