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Boom! Surprise! Your Day Has Totally Been Reconstructed

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Have you ever had your day all planned out and then BOOM! just like that it gets twisted and turned into something you totally did not plan and do not recognize? Take today for instance. Wednesday is the day I usually do delivery of my pillows that I sew as my paying job. They aren’t always complete on Wednesday morning, but that’s ok. I don’t have to deliver until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. That gives me about 7 hours to complete the work.

I hate that though. I don’t like to be rushed and get my work done at the last minute. For a perfect day, I would like them all to be sewn, bagged, labeled and sitting in a colorful row on my living room floor when I get up on delivery day. That doesn’t always happen. I had three more to make from scratch and eight that still needed the forms popped in. Luckily they all had zippers and there would be no hand work I thought as I went to bed late Tuesday night.

Harry got out of bed when the alarm buzzed at 5:30am, went outside to feed the cat, get the newspaper, and for some reason move Andrew’s car. He came back into the bedroom and announced that the check engine light was on in Andrew’s car so we – as in “me” –  would probably have to get it to Sears Automotive where we had the oil changed over the weekend to have them look at it. They may have to tighten something up. He said he checked the oil level and something else – well he didn’t say something else – but I can’t remember what that something else was at the moment. Everything looked fine, but he thought he saw a little oil drip.

This was not a good time – I had a deadline to meet – pillows to finish. To top it off, Andrew was scheduled to work today from 1:00pm to 9:30pm and then also on Thursday and then had to leave from work to go back to Troy. His percussion fraternity was leaving Thursday night at midnight to go to a convention in Texas. He was already cutting it close. If there was something tragically wrong with his car I would be the one inconvenienced! Harry still had a few more days of work before school was out for the year.

So instead of going to run this morning as I have done diligently for the past two months,  I dressed in clothes suitable to  get oil checked in, woke up Andrew and told him what was going on and told him he may have to drop his car off for the day to be worked on. Then I would have to take him to work – all the way to Destin in that traffic. Uggh!   I would also have to pick him up. I needed my car to make a delivery – when and if I ever finished my work! Opening one eye and squinting at me he grunted ok and motioned for me to leave. He is so not a morning person!

Sears didn’t open until 8am so I fixed me some hot chocolate and began work on those pillows.

Harry called at 7:30 and told me to start Andrew’s  car and see if the check engine oil light was still on.

It was.

“Back it up and see if any oil has dripped.”

I did and it hadn’t.

“Press the reset button and see if the light will go off.”

It did.

“Now turn off the car and turn it back on and make sure the light is out.”

It was.

“Ok – then I guess it just had to be reset. It should be ok. You don’t have to call Sears now.”

That was it! No big deal! I missed my run – and I’m sure the turtles missed getting fed their morning cat food at the bridge… I was stressed about getting my work done and delivered on time today…and I drank hot chocolate made with whole milk which I have been trying to give up – way too many calories!

Harry’s at work, Andrew is sleeping and now about those pillows – and maybe those turtles would like an evening snack!


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