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Ok, so I promised you a post about the bathroom updates and believe me they were updates! Anything would be considering not much had been changed in our fifty-seven year old bathrooms from day one.

First there was a lot of scrubbing and scraping a year ago just to be able to live with these bathrooms until we had the time to do some much needed work. Then there was more of the same when we finally began the project – or should I say I –  because mostly it was me on this project!

After I prepped the walls in both rooms and made a trip to Lowes to pick up the paint and supplies, it was time to get the paint roller rolling. There was a very pale yellow for the bathroom with the blue/black tile and blue ceramic floor and a light green color for the one with the pink ceramic floor/black ceramic tile baseboard. Yes, you heard me right! Those were the colors chosen fifty-seven years ago and I’m sure they were on the high end back in the day!  Since it would be expensive to tear that floor and the half tiled walls in the blue bathroom and the floor and baseboard in the pink bathroom out, this is what we had to work with. I just kept telling myself – “I can do this… I can make this work.”

The color went on the walls one afternoon and the next morning I liked it even better. Harry didn’t say much, but I could see the wheels turning in his head when he saw the yellow. Oh well, this was my project and he told me to go get the paint and said get what I wanted – and I did! After all, I didn’t have much of a choice with color and besides, the yellow matched my new shower curtain I had made a few months before. It’s not like it was an in-your-face yellow. No sunshine or electric brights. Couldn’t he see I was trying to save him some money! 🙂 “Just deal with it.”

Next I scraped all the old caulk off the tub for the second time getting a bad blister on my hand while working at it. I re-caulked with some caulk strip that I had been wanting to try. It went on great –  a lot easier than that messy tube of gunk!  Now we will see how long that will last. I hope longer than my blister does. 😦

The cabinets and sinks were the only items that had already been replaced in both of the bathrooms, but when I announced that I was going to repaint those cabinets black and add white porcelain knobs, I got hit with “Really?”  However, I thought it would look sharp and would tie in with the black tile on the baseboards and edging. It did and so far everyone likes it. Sometimes I do have good ideas.

Believe it or not the tile on the walls and on the floor in both bathrooms were in great shape for being that old (original to the house) and having survived three rowdy growing boys! I spruced up the wall tiles and scrubbed the bathroom floor again to whiten up the grout lines. The rooms were beginning to take shape and looked almost vintage.  I don’t think vintagy is a word is it?

Like I mentioned in a earlier post – I don’t know what they were thinking or maybe drinking? – when the porcelain towel racks were installed in both bathrooms. Why are they not centered on the wall as they should be? It is so obvious they aren’t. Removing them from the wall is not an option because I have no idea how they were anchored and am afraid it may take a big chunk of that concrete block wall with it if I try to remove them – ditto for the toothbrush and soap holders – at least they are spaced properly! I can live with it – I’ll just have to look cross-eyed sometimes. 😉

After only two trips to Lowes for this project – we had to pick out the hardware for the cabinets and Harry actually liked the white porcelain ones that I had decided on earlier – we are almost through. What’s left? The door and trim work need to be sanded and painted and the fixtures on the tub and sink changed. I’ll google it and do it myself if I have to, but it will have to wait until I get back from a trip to see family.

As for that yellow paint – Harry will have to re-paint those walls if it doesn’t grow on him because I have painted that bathroom twice already and it’s not going to happen again too soon. I like the yellow with the blue and black! Hope you do too!




Cabinet painted black


wall color and shower curtain looks brighter here!

wall color and shower curtain looks brighter here!

Pictures in pink bathroom look orange! It must be the lighting which there is none of! Use your imagination. 🙂


Stay tuned for the ‘drawing of the blinds’! Lol!

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  1. Elle, I’m the painter for the inside of our home, too. I’m the slowest painter in the world, but I’m also the cheapest – free. You get what you pay for. I work mainly during the fall and early spring, repainting all the trim work (windows, doors, baseboard) in our home. Every room has changed wall color at least once, some more.
    It’s always a challenge when you have to work with existing colors, you’ve done a great job.


  2. All I can think of when I read this is red and orange carpet and yellow oven and fridge. Hmmmmm



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