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Chapter Two – Oh No! What Is This Man Thinking?

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Now…are you ready for Chapter Two?

Chapter Two



Jim did intend to be careful, but now that he thought about it, he probably should not flirt with Lori as much as he did. She might take him seriously. Jeffrey just may be right. He made a quick decision not to tell Helena that Lori was attending the conference with him. Helena was a pretty good judge of character and when she had first met Lori she had told him that she didn’t trust her. He sure hated it when Helena was right about something. They had been married for almost thirty years though and loved each other. Nothing would come between them. He would have to make sure of that he decided, wishing that Lori was not so provocative all the time. She knew how to make it tough on a man.

When he got home with a bag of groceries and extra medicine for Helena, she was asleep in the bedroom. Not wanting to wake her, he laid the magazines she had asked him to pick up for her on the end of the bed, and then quietly went to the closet to begin his packing. Helena usually did the packing when they went on trips, but he was not going to make her do this for him today. Surely he could manage to put together the things he would need by himself.

After the packing was finished, Jim went out to the kitchen and put some lunch together for Helena. He carried the tray to the bedroom and opened the door. Helena was now awake, but still in bed. He laid the tray on the bed as she asked how long he had been home.

“For a while – long enough to pack for tomorrow, though there are a few things I can’t find. Do you know where my navy sport coat is and my brown belt?

“In the closet. You probably didn’t look in the right place. I’ll get up and get them for you,” she said sitting up.

“No you won’t. I’ll look again. You stay here and eat. I warmed up the soup Carrie made for you and there are some crackers there also. Are you sure you’ll be ok while I’m gone? I would feel better if Jason was home. This had to happen during his spring break. I’m sure he’s having a great time on his trip though. We did make a promise to him about it and he did pull his grades up.”

“I’ll be ok, Jim. I would not think of calling him home for this and it’s probably better he isn’t here. I don’t want him catching the flu. He has finals in a couple of weeks and then graduation. I could probably make the trip but I just don’t have any energy. You’ll get more done without me there. My business is slow right now and it’ll give me time to get some paper work done. I just hate that you will be alone.”

Jim replied quickly, “I know how much you love this trip every year. I’ll take a few days off and we’ll take a trip next month. You decide where you want to go.”

“Okay, I’m going to take you up on that,” Helena said as Jim’s cell phone started ringing.

Glancing at it he said, “It’s Pam. I need to get this,” and walked out of the room.

In the living room he talked quietly not wanting Helena to realize that it was not Pam, but Lori. He really didn’t have anything to hide except the fact he had not told his wife that Lori was going to the convention with him.

“I just wanted to go over this schedule with you to make sure I had everything I needed with me.” Lori was saying. “Stan isn’t too happy about me going out of town for a week, but he’ll get over it, and so will Lilly. I’m sure they can take care of themselves for a few days without me. Is Helena any better? She doesn’t mind that I’m going in her place does she?”

“No, of course not,” Jim lied. “She knows it’s a business trip. She’s too sick to attend herself. I’ve got to get some things done around here before tomorrow, but I’m glad you called. It’s nice to hear your voice.”

“Well I called for a reason. Do you think you could pick me up in the morning on your way to the airport? Stan has an early photo shoot and I would rather not leave my car at the airport for a week.”

“Ok, I guess that will work out. I’ll be there at nine-fifteen. Was there anything else you needed?”

“No,” Lori replied. “I just don’t want to cause any trouble between you and Helena. Do you think she will be ok with that?”

“It’s fine – no trouble here. Just be ready when I get there.” Why did I agree to do that? It probably isn’t such a good thing for me to be picking her up. Too late now, Jim thought as he hung up the phone, hoping that Lori didn’t make more of it than it was. She asked and he couldn’t just say no. How would that look? Lori made it so easy to be nice. He could tell she wasn’t always very confident in her actions and it didn’t take much to make her feel special. If only she wasn’t so open about her feelings for him at the office. He knew most of the staff talked about how much time they spent together, but it was only work. They weren’t doing anything wrong. She was a colleague after all.

The rest of the evening Jim and Helena spent quietly watching TV with Helena cat napping beside him on the couch. He called Carrie before they went to bed to make sure she would remember to check on her mother while he was gone, telling her to call him if she needed to.

When they finally did retire for the night, Jim slept fitfully, dreaming about Lori Walters.

(End of Chapter Two)

Sooo…..What are you thinking? Jim’s getting in a little deep isn’t he? I would love to hear your comments and hope I am on the right track.


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