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Three New Rules To Follow…Memories Monday – What Will Be Will Be Wednesday’s – and ????? Friday’s

Did I really think I was going to be able to pull this off? I mean posting on my blog three times a week all summer! Could it really be possible? I tried – I really did, but I fell short of my goal. I read a lot of blogs and I see others getting it done. How do they do it? Where do they find the time? Do they write up a lot of posts and then save them while posting a few regularly every week right on schedule? I thought that was a good idea and actually tried it for a while. I get excited though and want to post them all as soon as they are written! That’s a no-no. You should never post more than once a day. At least that is what I have read.

I’ve decided I need to revamp this blog a little. I started out writing about the experiences of self-publishing my first novel ‘Crossing The Line’, editing and social media (mainly this blog) to promote. That became boring real quick so I added in some of my real life experiences into the mix and found I enjoyed writing about this a lot more. It was much more interesting and I was still talking about my book because it was one of my biggest life experiences! So here is what I intend to do:

  1. Memory Monday – I’m not going to feel bad about writing about my life and where it is going each day or about the past and how it affected me. Memories are so important in our lives.  This is what makes me who I am. How about a Memory Monday? That sounds good doesn’t it? Anything that has already happened is a memory. Starting next week I will post memories on Monday’s so be watching for them.
  2. What Will Be Will Be Wednesday – That’s what it will be. On this day I may surprise you and post just about anything. It could be about social media promoting, the woes of no time to write or one of my many projects I never have time to do! There’s a lot going on now and the more I write, I believe the better writer I become. I have lots of ideas to share with you on subjects I want to turn into books and I may even have a short story or two.
  3. ???? Friday’s – Recently I decided to start posting some of my chapters of the sequel ‘What Line’ on my blog. The response has been a little slow but I want to think it is because of the timing. After all, it is summer and people are busy, children are out of school, vacations need to be taken. Not everyone has time to sit down and read. I know when I get started, time flies and I find I have been sitting at the computer for hours instead of the few minutes I had intended. Now that I can read on my phone, its even worse! That’s what I want to happen when you read my blog – that’s what I am going for. After all, this blog should be my main source of promoting. Get caught up in it.  Explore the archives or reread the posts you have already delved into once! Comment on the ones you really enjoyed. All comments are always welcome, no matter how long the post has been sitting there. Click on my links, visit my Facebook (you could be a winner!) page or revisit it. Share with your friends – please, please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even word of mouth. (Could this be called begging? No…no…no of course not!) This is how the promoting evolves. So…on Friday’s I will be posting a new chapter from ‘What Line’. I need a catchy phrase – something to promote my chapter posts. What about – I don’t know – have no idea what to call the day I will be posting the new chapter. Any suggestions anyone? I’m going to leave the title of that day blank until I can come up with a great name for it but be prepared to sit down each Friday morning and read a new chapter of ‘What Line’. After that…who knows what will happen! 🙂

That’s the plan. It’s all written down nice and neat. All I have to do now is follow the rules. This is another of those I think I can…I think I can…I think I can thoughts. Let’s see what happens and stay tuned for the third chapter of ‘What Line’ tomorrow on ???? Friday.


Click on post title, scroll down and leave your thoughts on a name for Friday’s chapter postings!

About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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