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Goodness! I’m Tired! How Do You Do This Everyday?

Goodness! I’m Tired! How Do You Do This Everyday?

“Put on a shoe…No not both of them – just one…Don’t tie it…I just need it for the length…Stand up straight…Stand with your feet together…Not that close together…Don’t look down…Because it makes the pants longer…Don’t lean against the cabinet…Stand up straight….Wait…Did you have those pants sitting on your waist or were they hanging below your hips?…I don’t think you can get away with wearing them like that…If I pin them like that they will be too short when you have to pull them up to your waist for the Colonel….Stand up straight…Hang those pants back up with a crease…How?…I know you’ve been taught how, but again, I’ll show you…And remember, like the Colonel said, “Gravity is not your friend when hanging up pants.” :)…Put your name on them or you won’t know which pair are yours…No, Your sleeves cannot hang below the fingertips…Hold your shoulders back…Stand up straight (for about the zillionth time).”

Oh, the joys of alterations. Yes, part of my paying job. Last week I had to pin some ROTC uniforms to alter for WHS Jr. ROTC. That was the content of my conversation with these guys. They wiggled and squirmed and hopped on one foot – or two – scared of the straight pins I used to anchor the hems. You would have thought I was coming at them with a deadly weapon. They slouched, hung back, dragged around, and hid out in the fitting room, procrastinating going back to class.

The uniform room was a mess! 😦 Parts of uniforms hanging on racks, piled on the table, slung over a chair, or heaped in a corner. There were metal cages with locks to – what? To keep the uniforms safe? That had to be it. Why else would you lock up uniforms? I really don’t think these uniforms were the height of fashion but you never know what kids will wear if given the chance. I have to add here – the WHS band uniform room does not get into this kind of mess. 🙂 But that colorguard room…well, we won’t even go there! 😦

What a mess!

What a mess!

I was cramped into one little corner to do the pinning. It lasted all day! I had to be there for first period which was 7:45, so I rode with Harry and on the two periods I didn’t have to pin uniforms – which by the way were not very long periods – I camped out in Harry’s office in the band room. One highlight of the day – we were able to have lunch together – which isn’t often possible during the work week. I had made sandwiches and we ate in his office.

Miraculously by the end of the day, the ROTC uniform room had been transformed into a neat tidy little room that any Colonel would be proud of. Good work guys!

I used the rest of the afternoon to repair some colorguard flags for the band. Yes, I had planned it that way. You gotta kill two birds with one stone. Since I had hitched a ride to school with H I had to wait for after school band rehearsal to be over before going home anyway.

It was a looooong day! No one had to rock me to sleep that night. I don’t know how H does it!






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