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Has Anyone Seen My Time Machine? – It’s A Scary World Out There Folks!

Has Anyone Seen My Time Machine? – It’s A Scary World Out There Folks!

Andrew turned and looked at us with that smile and a gleam in his eye. “Soooo,” he said, “two more months and I’ll be twenty-one!”

Oh my gosh! Twenty-one. That’s a milestone – for him and for us! That is not what I wanted to hear. I’m not prepared. It’s too soon. He’s just a baby. Where did all the time go? You really have to start taking on responsibilities when you are twenty-one. Time to step it up a notch. Get your act together. Can he do this?

Stop! Hold it! Don’t get any older! If only saying those words were all it took to turn back the time. There is too much scary stuff out in the world for him to be cast out into it as an adult! I worry too much about anything and everything. Yes, he’s still in school and we take care of him financially, but there is no turning back now. He will have to be accountable for his actions and soon be out in that world on his own.

At twenty-one he can legally buy alcohol. I’m not stupid.  I know what that gleam in his eye meant. Don’t get me wrong because he is not an every-day-I-gotta-have-a-drink guy! I think it is just a symbol these days that when you turn twenty-one you have to go out and buy alcohol because you can! It’s time to show off for your friends.

What I worry about is alcohol poisoning! It’s scary! I have seen too many articles in the paper and on the internet about it. When I tell him this he looks at me as if I am the one two sheets in the wind! How am I supposed to know how much he knows? I only want him to be educated about it. Sometimes you wonder what your kids do know about the hazards in life. There is so much peer pressure. Did I say that? Yes, I did. Even at the college level there is peer pressure. Don’t kid yourself.

He is our responsibility and if we don’t put a bug in his ear, who will? The friends he hangs around with? Maybe or maybe not. I would hope so, though I can’t count on that. I know he is a responsible kid. He studies hard, rehearses all the time, works on breaks to help out with school and is polite and respectful to his elders. What more could I ask for? Welllll….There’s that one downfall. He doesn’t answer my texts! He’s a busy, busy, guy! 😉

The four girls are all grown and have family’s of their own. I never worried about them as much as I have worried about Andrew. Maybe it’s because he’s the baby. Maybe because the world is constantly changing. It gets scarier and scarier. Kids do not have it as easy these days as some think. But like he said – “two more months” and really that is only one and a half months now – and then he will be twenty-one!

Hold your kids close. Teach them right from wrong, talk to them and with them, and make sure they know about that ‘scary world’ before they go out into it. They will fight you all the way. Believe me – I know from experience!

No! Not the future. Go back! Go back!

No! Not the future. Go back! Go back!

Where is that #%@#! time machine when I need it?


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