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So It’s Ok To Rant? Good – Because I’ve Got One For You!

So It’s Ok To Rant? Good – Because I’ve Got One For You!

Ranting – venting – speaking your mind. Some days you just have to let loose! A couple days ago I went to Wal-Mart to purchase some allergy medicine. You know  – the kind that:

  •  You buy it behind the counter because – even though you have a prescription for it you can get it cheaper by buying generic and not use your prescription. Well H does have a prescription, but this was for me. I had been up all night with my eyes hurting and they were red and swollen. At least one of them was. Funny how it usually affects just one side of your face.
  • You buy it behind the counter because – there is some ingredient in it that can be used to make meth. I know nothing about meth. Only what I see on the news and read in the papers. I don’t even know how to get it into your system. And – if I was going to take something I would want it ready-made. I don’t have the spare time to be making meth! Look at me – Do I look like I’m on meth? Maybe so with half my face swollen and one eye running. Also, I had a buggy full of fast, cheap, ready to pop into the microwave food I had picked up for Andrew so he could slow down on his ‘eating out’ money at school! That probably threw her off. (I didn’t have time to cook – too busy with my meth lab you know.)
  • You buy it behind the counter because – you have to show your drivers license and sign for it. They can track how much of this stuff you buy and there is a limit. Evidently the ‘government’ has decided this is the way to put a stop to all those illegal meth labs. Have you read the paper lately? Illegal meth labs are rampant so that’s not working! Yet another government issue that needs to be re-thought.
Be careful what you say!

Be careful what you say!

Let’s get back to the subject of the allergy medicine. It’s all pharmacies that have to sell this medication in this way, but in my opinion some pharmacies take it a bit far. There is no one in line so I walk up to the counter and ask for the item. Making small talk (and I don’t know why because I have had issues with this clerk before and don’t really like her. I’m just a nice person. Last month she couldn’t  ring up my 7 purchases with my prescriptions because she is only allowed to ring up 5 extra purchases. Where is the sign that says that?) Can you tell I’m ranting?

Oh…back to the small talk.

 Me : “We seem to live on this medicine during the allergy seasons.”

On top of things Wal-Mart clerk: Alert goes off. Ding – ding – ding! Her eyes are darting everywhere and she nervously asks, “Then why don’t you get a prescription for it?”

Me: I guess that was a poor choice of words on my part for small talk. 😉 “My husband has a prescription, but its cheaper to buy it this way.”

On top of things Wal-Mart clerk: “Who? Who does?”

Me: “My husband.”

On top of things Wal-Mart clerk: “Well, I can’t sell this to you then.”

Me: “What? Why can’t you sell that to me?”

On top of things Wal-Mart clerk: Because you said it is for your husband and he would have to be here to sign for it. You can’t sign for him.”

Me: “I didn’t say it was for my husband.”

On top of things Wal-Mart clerk: ‘”Yes you did. I ask you who it was for and you said it was for him.”

Me: “No you didn’t. You ask me who the prescription was for and I said it was his. I don’t need a prescription for this medicine and this purchase is for me.” I was getting a little irate at this point.

On top of things Wal-Mart clerk: “You already said it was for him so I can’t sell it to you. I’m sorry.”

Me: “Look at me. My eye is red and swollen and I’m sniffling . I know I look sick because I feel sick! I had one of these pills this morning that I took and I need another one for tonight. (Even though it wasn’t quite doing the job I needed it to do quick enough, I knew I would be better tomorrow if I could only get my hands on that box of pills!) This medicine is for me and I need to buy it now.” The tissue I had in my hand was long past useable and I wasn’t going to let her get the best of me even though at this point I probably did look like I was on something.

………………………..after a few more rounds of this……..…………………

On top of things Wal-Mart clerk: Cautiously looking over her shoulder she said in a low whisper with that smug look on her face, “I’m going to sell this to you, but I could get into trouble for this.”

I paid for the medicine, grabbed the bag, and left without even saying thank you. I have to go pick up Andrew’s prescription for Singulair (the allergy medication he takes) today to take to him tomorrow. Good thing my medicine worked and my eyes are better. I’ll be sure to dress nice, fix my hair, put on make-up, and be very polite. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was on meth!


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Do you have something to rant about? Tell me about it!

READ TUESDAY! It’s going to be huge!

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Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. I tweeted your rant because it’s sooooooo on point. I begged my doctor for a prescription for allergies so I wouldn’t have to go through all the nonsense at the pharmacy. And even though I’m a HUGE fan of Breaking Bad, I still don’t know anything about cooking meth nor do I want to learn.

    Just finished reading your book which I will be reviewing for Amazon and Story Cartel. I loved the book mainly, I think, because I’ve been down that route and your book describes it perfectly. The back and forth decision making seemed long at times, but, you know,(and I know that you do) it really is like that. I just hope for Helena’s sake that she doesn’t end up in the exact same circumstances a second time although all the signs are there for her to do just that. I still don’t trust my own judgment about men — betrayal will do that to a person.

    BTW, I’m planning on giving your book a 5 Star rating because it was obvious to me that you put a lot of time and effort into writing what is a well constructed, honest story.


    • Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ‘Crossing The Line’. Hope you enjoy the sequel ‘What Line’ as well when it is published. Oh, and there are plenty other subjects I could rant about! 😀


  2. And those people who are abusing the system probably don’t experience any troubles at all when they buy it…


  3. Meth head!!



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