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Once May Be An Accident But…Twice Is 2 x Stupid!

Once May Be An Accident But…Twice Is 2 x Stupid!

SPLASH…PLOP…GURGLE…GURGLE.  NO. NO. NO. NO! It can’t be. Not again. How did this happen? I plunged, reached in, pulled it out, ripped off the case, and shaking it furiously toweled it dry. I thought I had learned my lesson the first time. 😦 Running for the hairdryer, I turned on HIGH HEAT, HOT, and FAST BLOWING – all those things you aren’t supposed to do.

After a few minutes of burning the tips of my fingers, I looked at the screen and sighed with my heart still thumping. Andrew and Jordan, during their unplanned  snow break at Troy University, were still playing in the snow with all the little icons of my apps twinkling around them.  They’ll never know how glad I was to see them!

Snow Days!

Snow Days!

I tapped my text app. The screen flickered, went to the text screen, pulling up one text after another, showed the edit screen and threatened to delete every one of my texts. I tapped the phone app quickly hoping to prevent just that. All of a sudden my phone was calling random contacts – Andrew…I hit ‘end call’…Amie…I hit ‘end call’…Jessie…I hit ‘end call’. It went on and on and on. Finally after finding the email app and changing over to that my emails flipped up and down the screen as though they were possessed. My mail was flying everywhere. Switching back to the front screen stopped that craziness.

H wasn’t home, but that was okay. Perhaps it was even better. I wasn’t going to tell him about this anyway. The first time this happened was bad enough. I said then it was like having your life flash before your eyes and the second time was worse. I think I have scar tissue from last time! Now I have scar tissue upon scar tissue.

Only seventeen percent battery was showing on my cell phone that I feared was slowly dying. I plugged in the charger after running the dryer over the phone for a second time. Beep-beep-beep! THIS DEVISE IS NOT RECOGNISABLE.  I pulled the charger out, shook the phone some more and connected again. It took! Yay!

As it was charging, I went through the apps. My pictures were all there – so were my contacts. Facebook twitched and flipped pulling up old posts from months ago. My-oh-my this phone has a good memory. I only hope it remembers how to work correctly. I tried the phone app again, calling a few more randomly selected contacts. I really didn’t call you Saturday night if you had a  quick hang-up from me. My phone made me do it. 😦 This won’t do at all.

I heard the front door open and here came H home from hunting. I left my phone charging and walked to the front of the house. We had planned to go out to eat and while he was getting ready I sneaked another peak at my phone. The screen looked fine until I tried to open an app. Then it would blink and wink and stick on one screen for a bit before moving to the next and then start that dance all over again. Some times it took a few tries to get the phone to slide open. The taps for the password did not always connect and I would have to try again. I kept telling myself it would have to charge up and dry out. Then it would be ok. Yes, then it would be ok. Think positive.

I decided to leave the phone charging while we went out. It was up to thirty-seven  percent charged now.  I never, ever leave my phone at home and have been known to turn around and drive back for it if it was forgotten. I wiped it off again and carefully placed it on the bedside table.

All I  could think about while we were at that crazy restaurant was my phone. (Maybe that was why I was so outspoken that night!) What was I going to do this time if it didn’t work? Would it turn out ok?  At least the screen didn’t go away like the last time and it stayed on and worked a little. You can read about that catastrophe here. It wouldn’t be much use to me if the screen kept jumping around and calling all my contacts as it had been doing. I hoped my texts were all there as I had some pictures in those not yet saved. Why do I procrastinate in that chore?

When we returned home I checked my phone and it was seventy-nine percent charged! That made me smile a little. Only a little ways to go now to one hundred percent. I was worried about the charging. I couldn’t help but think how nice and normal it looked – sleek and trim plugged into its little lifeline. Normal again I hoped it would be.

Later I picked my phone up unplugging it as I went to bed thinking I would try to play ‘Words With Friends’ for a few minutes. Surely my game was ok. I was winning all those games, too! First I checked my settings and they seemed to be stable. The flickering had settled down a lot. I turned the sound to silent and then back on. Oh no. Why didn’t that squared volume box disappear from the front screen?  I clicked it on and off a few more times and it stayed put. Nothing I did removed it. I tried my camera again thinking I may have to live with that volume box forever. Each picture I took had the volume box in the middle of the photo. This doesn’t look good.

I pressed the ‘Words With Friends app. There was that darn volume box again!  This wouldn’t do. Have you ever played ‘Words With Friends” with the middle of your screen blacked out. I’ll tell you. It’s not easy!

That darn volumn box!

That darn volumn box!

 The charge had dropped down to forty-eight percent with just that little bit of activity. I plugged it in and got the ‘not recognisable’ message again. I retried twice and it finally took but the volume box was still there. It faded in and out a few times never going completely away.  Maybe things would look better in the morning.

Guess what! They did. Things did look better. It works. The battery is fine. The flickering stopped. No more random phone calls. The volume box disappeared completely and Andrew and Jordan still smile up at me without a box on their face! I am a little leery of changing that setting now though.

Oh yeah, and H is non the wiser!  🙂 He would not be happy with me.

Have you ever done something stupid not once, but twice?


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About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. I’ve done some stupid things more than once, but I’ve only dropped my iPhone into the water (toilet water, specifically) once. I feel your pain, but at least this time it ended up working in the end.

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  2. So happy it worked out for you, Elle. I’ve heard that burying the phone in dry rice absorbs the dampness.
    As you know from my blog, I repeatedly forgot that it’s often better to go second instead of first. But after a few early lapses, I did learn that I should never remove my clothing until I’m positive I have a replacement outfit in hand.


  3. I guess that’s why I got the message to see if your message went through and nothing after this…
    Wondered what was going on. Now I know!


  4. Oh no, you di-nt! I dropped my iPhone down a toilet in Toledo and the lovely people at Genius bar just up and gave me a new one. Was so surprised. Now I have learnt to never carry phone in back pocket again!



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