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Like A Snowball Gathering Speed!

Like A Snowball Gathering Speed!

Slowly it started and progressed to a downhill roll like a snowball gathering speed, taking in my family, my life, all things important. Then it grabbed me, held me hostage, and from then on I was caught up in the spirit of it all. And now its two am and I can’t sleep, so here I am. Have you ever been so far behind in life that you may never catch up? It’s happened to me and it crept up on me without me even knowing it!

Two weeks ago, Andrew had spring break and brought four of his friends home for a couple days. They spent one day at the beach with glorious weather and the next day at the house sleeping till noon.- Yes we found room in this tiny house for all of them and I don’t have any idea what time they all went to bed. After getting up, they then settled in to sleep some more because the day was cold and rainy. At one point I walked into the living room and found five bodies arranged in various sleeping positions on my couches and floor. They left the house in the rain about 3:30 pm and drove to the beach to eat at a favorite restaurant. When they returned to the house it was time for all but Andrew to leave to head back to Troy. Andrew was staying for the rest of the week. This was the mildest group of spring breakers I have ever seen! They said they were just glad to have a place to chill and get some rest. I’ll welcome them all back – Jordan, Amy, Justice, and Alan – anytime if that’s the case. 😉

One morning when I got up I found that Andrew had stayed up the better part of the night and cleaned the fish tank I had mentioned I had to get done so the turtles would have a place to live. What a surprise! Living in a small cramped container we now had a second turtle found in Judi’s yard across the street. He is about the size of a quarter and Franklin is now twice that size. We found him in our back yard a year ago.  They needed some space. Now they have it and swim back and forth and round and round all day. And they eat! All the time. Thanks Andrew! Jordan and Andrew named the new turtle Feenie and Cadance said to name him Ethan because all turtles are boys. Hummm? We call him Ethan Feenie.  🙂

As soon as Andrew left for Troy, H started spring break. Turkey season also opened at the same time. Here’s my take on that! He has only ventured out one time so far in the wee hours of the morning to hunt. Andrew said he is getting old. H said its because they opened a week early this year and its still too cold for them to gobble. I know better though. It’s because he needs some time to chill out and rest, too.  😉  It has been a hectic few months getting the band ready for district concert festival and the WHS band has pulled it off for the tenth year in a row – every year H has been there – and made another superior! Now its time to take it to the next level for state! He’ll be glad he got some rest next week.

We haven’t actually sat back and been lazy this week though. H has done a lot of yard work. I’ve read three books and listened to one on audible that Andrew wanted me to read.  We have slept late. We’ve gone to two movies and ate out a lot. I have only cooked once in two weeks! Today we rode out to Destin and had some raw oysters and our first boiled crawfish of the season. We did a little shopping – I’ll have to shop for myself later with out H. We have a difference of opinion on style. LOL! I’ll buy just what he says  – too quickly – he doesn’t like, and when I put it on later he will like it. It always works that way. I know it. And we looked at boats. I can see it now. The summer will be filled with boat shopping. He is determined we will be buying a boat when he retires in two years. At least its not another Toyota truck! Two’s enough.

We also painted the kitchen or should I say re-painted? It’s the fourth time and the last time! Done…finished…completed! Finally! We both like it this time.

So why am I so far behind I may never catch up? My taxes still haven’t gotten done. The double flange hasn’t been figured out on that pillow yet, even though I did it three times in my sleep the other night. I could rack up some serious work hours if I could count all the work I do in my sleep. 😉 My desk is over-flowing. My email has piled up again, and I haven’t kept up with blogs I follow on my reader. I haven’t been blogging regularly like I said I would. Facebook may find me a stranger when I return. Will I even remember how?

Social media has taken a back seat for the past two weeks and so has my book, ‘What Line’. Helena, lw, and Jim have been in limbo. Time to get their blood boiling again. Vacation’s over! To be honest, I haven’t written a word. It’s all in my head though and when someone finally figures out how to plug a USB cord into a brain I will be the first to volunteer as a guinea pig. So much needs to be siphoned out of there!

Oh, I’m sure it will all be waiting for me when H leaves the house Monday morning at six-thirty. Spring break will be over and I’ll slowly wade through all that has been left undone, kicking myself for letting things get so far behind.

However, it’s been a hell of a ride and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! It’s now almost four am but that’s ok. There’s still one more day of sleeping late!



About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way 🙂 I am learning not to let social media be my life.


  2. You had a good few days enjoy.



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