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Fair Warning – We May Or May Not Stay – That’s About All I Can Tell You

Fair Warning – We May Or May Not Stay – That’s About All I Can Tell You

On the road again! Seems like we only finished marching season a few months ago and now we are starting all over again. Friday night games with H and Saturday’s with Andrew at Troy when we can make it. And yes, we go to see the band!

Troy is a little over two hours away so if it’s a late game as it was last Saturday, we make plans to stay overnight with Andrew. Making plans as in – “Be prepared for us to maybe show up on your doorstep with bags in hand and blinders on. Clear a path from the front door to your room, have clean sheets on your bed, (even if you have to borrow a set from Jordan) and try to make your bathroom pass the county health code inspection. Don’t go to any trouble though.” And if we don’t stay, then at least his apartment gets spruced up a tiny bit.

By all means I don’t expect five-star accommodations! Three guys live in that apartment and all three are busy, busy guys. I don’t believe they cook or eat there much because the kitchen was the cleanest room in the apartment! All we needed was a place to sleep for a few hours – a place to lay our heads! Preferably not in the kitchen sink!

The Sound Of The South!

The Sound Of The South!

Ready for the Trojan Walk

Ready for the Trojan Walk

H and I were up at eight the next morning. We were read to leave by eight forty-five. We had to get gas, go by Walmart , (always, always) and had plans to eat breakfast out before we departed for home.

Waffle House was crowded and buzzing as usual and as we looked around there were many booths containing Troy students having breakfast with parents and grandparents as they get in one last goodbye before being on their own and hitting the books again when the weekend was over.

Except for being able to grab what ever cash you might have in your wallet before you depart for home, there is such a difference between guy college students and girl college students. As I observed while waiting for our table, girls tend to be giggly and talkative, happily chatting away and sharing about their classes, new friends, and what’s next on their agenda.

On the other hand, the guys are sitting in a stupor with blank or bored expressions on their tired faces. Are they even awake? There is not much conversation around the table except from the older generation and maybe a mumble or two from across the table. Or was that a grumble?  You can see the thoughts turning in their heads as they constantly check their cell phones for the time or a message.  “Can you just hurry and eat, hand me some cash, and get on your way? Please don’t ask me anymore questions. I’ve got things to do, people to see, and a nice comfy bed I can crawl back into.”

We avoided that by leaving Andrew at his apartment, asleep on his couch. One of his sisters said, “Well he could have made you sleep on the couch.”

True. But he didn’t. 🙂







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  1. I do understand with Rose last week.All day home at 3:00 a.m.



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