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I find  it’s harder to say no to my kids now that they are grown and not children anymore. At times I have to grit my teeth and stand my ground.

Andrew: “Mom? What are you doing?” (He always says Mom with a question mark as though someone else would be answering my cell phone. haha)

Me: “I’m pulling out of the driveway on my way to DFS.”  (I could tell by the tone in his voice he had something on his mind.)

Andrew: He hesitates.

Me: “Something wrong? Do you need something?”

Andrew: “Lauren found three abandoned puppies (people are so cruel) and she made me take one of them. It’s soooo cute. I was going to give it to you during Thanksgiving break – you know – for a present. I can’t keep it though. I think I’m just going to drive over there (2 and 1/2 hours) and bring it to you.”

Me: (I’m about to panic, but try to stay calm.) “Made you take a dog? What am I going to do with a dog? She can’t make you take a dog Andrew!”

Andrew: “I know, but you need this dog Mom. You’re home all day by yourself and you have a fenced in back yard to let it out. It’ll be great!”

Me: “Is it an inside dog or an outside dog?” (Just wondering. Not asking because I need that info.)

Andrew: “Inside. It’s little. This is a woman’s dog…a little dog to put in your purse. Well, not that little. But it’s an inside dog.”

Me: I find myself wavering. My mind is chock full of things to say, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. After all, he was thinking of me when he agreed to take this orphaned dog – or was he? “I don’t know Andrew. Has it had shots? Is it house trained?” I knew the answer to both these questions before asking them.

Andrew: “I doubt it has had shots and its kinda/sorta house trained.” (that meaning NO) “It’s soooo cute.”

Me: “What are we going to do with a dog? We’re never home. We have two cats and a turtle to take care of. You can leave food out for them when you’re gone  and they are ok. Who’s going to take care of it? I think you should tell Lauren to take that dog back.”

Andrew: “You’re always home. Where do you go?”

Me: “During the week we are, but not weekends. We were with you in Troy last weekend.” How soon we forget. “Most weekends your dad has band stuff we go to. We can’t take a dog with us everywhere we go. What does Jordan think about this dog? And what about your roommates?”

Andrew: “She knows I don’t have the time to take care of it, but it’s soooo cute Mom.” (for at least the third time) “I know I don’t have time to take care of it. I’m gone all day and I have to come home and walk it and feed it. Alan and Justice love it.” (Yeah, they aren’t having to take care of it  and clean up the messes – just play with it.)

Me: “Call Lauren and tell her you can’t keep this dog. You have no time or money because those shots and a license will be expensive and you also don’t have $300 to pay a pet fee to keep it at your apartment. I hope they don’t find out you have a dog there.”

Andrew: “It’s good. It’s ok. So you really don’t want it? I’m going to send you a picture.” (Can you tell he’s still trying to persuade me?)

Me: “Ok. Send me a picture, but call Lauren and tell her you can’t keep this dog. She can’t make you take a dog. I’m sure she will find a home for it.”

Andrew: “I will.” (I can hear the sadness in his voice.)

My phone buzzes with a text from Andrew a few minutes later with this picture attached.

He's sooo cute!

He’s sooo cute!

About thirty minutes later I get another text from Andrew. “It’s gone.”

Gosh, I really felt bad for him. He has always wanted a dog. We lived in apartments a lot when he was little and by the time we were in a house we actually owned he was off to college. I know one day he will get that dog. It will be just as cute and he will have the time and the money to take care of it in the right way.

I had this fleeting thought before going to bed last night. Am I getting so old that my son thinks I need a dog to keep me company? You know how they say older people relate to animals and its good for their mental health?

If he had shown up with this dog I’m sure we would have fallen in love and made a home for it. BTW…It’s a girl. She really  is soooo cute! Let’s keep this quiet…I don’t want him to know that. 😉






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  1. Great post. Parents have to be firm sometimes. :). . . though she was an adorable puppy.


  2. Loved it. But no. He was trying to dump it on you. But it almost worked. Ha!

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  3. Reblogged this on Finding Myself Through Writing and commented:

    For Susannah Bianchi – A blogging friend of mine asked me this week if I would re-post the dog story. I knew just what post she was talking about! Please enjoy if you haven’t already read it and if you have maybe you will enjoy the story again! (I’m also testing a new format for posting. Tell me what you think.) ~Elle


  4. Oh, Elle, that photo is cute. It’s so hard to say no to a baby anything. Why are baby animals so cute? And why do they get bigger so quickly?


  5. I’ve had two phone calls in the past year and both about cats from my son. This was like deja vu reading your post. lol


  6. Resistance would indeed have been futile when faced with that little wet nose, floppy eared ball of wonder!


  7. I applaud your strength…that picture would have had me at Petco buying dog furniture. Your son is sweet…he tried…it shows his humanity that he got from someone very close to him, like his mom. I hope all those puppies get loving, warm, appropriate homes. Nicely penned by the way. Riveting wondering the outcome.


  8. I don’t think I could have resisted with the picture…



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