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One + One = TWO! Double Trouble! Two for One!

One + One = TWO! Double Trouble! Two for One!

Now I know I’m getting old because all week-long I’ve been thinking Terri and Kerri’s birthday is Friday. It’s not. Wham! It just hit me – It’s Thursday! Hey! That’s tomorrow and by the time this is posted it will be today!

Goodness they are getting old. Hehehe! But what does that say about me? When I think about them turning forty – yes, that’s not a typo, they will be forty tomorrow – I realize how old I am.  I could say I am forty-five… But then I would have been five years old when they were born. That didn’t happen. I’ll just say I was about three weeks shy of turning twenty when they were born. You do the math.

Now before I get sidetracked, this post is about them – not me. After all they are the ones having a birthday.

Boy, was I surprised when told I was having twins. What a shocker! They were born almost four weeks early, weighed in at 6lbs, 10oz. and 6lbs, 3oz., twenty minutes apart, and both with a full head of black hair!  I wasn’t ready for that. I needed those  four extra weeks to finish preparing.  I lived too far from home. I needed my mother! She would help. She knew all the ins and outs after raising five of her own. We were too young for this and we weren’t prepared. She did come and stay for two weeks and believe me I enjoyed every minute of it and was scared to death when we were left on our own.

They looked so much alike when they were born, we brought them home from the hospital with their cute little hospital bracelets still attached. Baby A and Baby B. I was afraid of mixing them up and causing emotional damage to them later in life when we realized one was really the other! hummm? That’s a thought! 😉

Kerri -Baby B and Terri - Baby A

Kerri – Baby B and Terri – Baby A

There was the laundry. I remember the mounds of diapers that had to be folded just so. It was 1974 and pre-folded diapers were expensive and disposable ones were way out of reach. Those little triangles we folded so carefully were oh-so-cute until you happened upon a soggy one in the middle of the night on a crying baby – or two.

And then there were the feedings. Working diligently I got them on a tight schedule, one waking thirty minutes behind the other for the night time feedings. As soon as one was changed, fed, burped and patted back to sleep, the other one started squirming. That’s when it started all over again. My eyes were glazed over and I would  sleepwalk down the darkened hallway back to bed only to be wakened three to four hours later for another feeding.

I was determined these babies would stay on a schedule. They had a feeding time, waking time, play time,  bath time, bedtime etc. It was good. I was good. Give me a baby – I’ll give you a schedule!

Everything had to be done in two’s. Two diapers, two bottles, two sets of clothes, two car seats. What was worse was when it was two coughs, two colds, two stomach viruses….Well you know what I mean.

The trade-off was better than good though. There were two smiles, two laughs, two hugs, and two babies to share. This made it easier when we visited family. There were not as many arguments over whose turn it was to hold the baby, whose turn it was to feed the baby and yes, even whose turn it was to change the diaper. They were the first grandchildren on both sides of the family so everyone wanted a turn for something. We were happy to turn over the responsibility to others for a few days.

Life was hectic and it didn’t get any simpler as they grew older. There were twice as many arguments, twice as many hurt feelings, twice as many tears, and twice as many punishments.

Of course there were twice as many good times. We only had to have one birthday party for two kids and it was covered. Toys they shared, but I believe they had twice as many! When they stopped dressing alike – their idea –  they shared clothes. I would still be dressing them alike if it were up to me. 😉 They shared a car when they were able to drive and they  shared their friends. One time as seniors they even shared their teacher as they  jokingly traded places in a high school class they both had at different periods. He was none the wiser and with a good sense of humor he laughed along with them!

Now they both have children of their own. Terri has two boys and Kerri has two girls. They have been living in different states since July and I believe this is the farthest they have ever lived away from each other. I don’t think they have ever spent a birthday apart, but I may be wrong.

After looking through baby pictures of them to post, I realized what terrible photography we had back then. I have some good studio pictures somewhere, but after all these moves I have no idea where they are. It’s probably some of the stuff I have shifted their way over the years.

Terri and Kerri

Terri and Kerri all grown up!

I was so in tune to doing things in two, when the next baby came along I was making two bottles and changing a diaper twice – But that’s another soon-to-be-story. They were definitely my best babies and it was probably because of the schedule thing. I was a little lax with the rest of them.  😉




About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. Sounds like you enjoyed them a lot. I was always horrified at thought.

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  2. Hey Elle I have just passed the milestone of over a 100 blogs and have reblogged my very first one and you were my very first like……Thank you…….Wow twins I thought one at a time was a handful but two but as you said at least it’s only one birthday and they share. Have a nice day 🙂

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  3. Twins! What a workout, Elle. More than one at a time is enough work for anybody. Still, the girls sound like they turned out well. Reason enough to be twice as proud. :O)

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  4. Reblogged this on Finding Myself Through Writing and commented:

    This post was written last year and now T and K are forty-one! They are still used to sharing so they’ve had to share this birthday with Andrews PASIC performance. They still live in different states and are still on my list as my easiest babies! As they grew older they dropped down the list a bit. Two teenagers At one time were not a bundle of joy! ~Elle


  5. There is 15 years between my first born and my Tween (Teen in a week or so). It is so easy to forget how to do things.
    Good job on doing everything by two. 🙂

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  6. I remember being in college when you were pregnant. I’m sure I spent way too much money on phone calls then. I could hardly wait for you to have those babies! Such an exciting time in all our lives. I’ve always been able to tell them apart, but Bob hasn’t learned that trick yet. What is hard for me to believe is that they are 40 now, with children of their own! I pray this year will be a wonderful year for both of them! Where have all those years gone???


  7. I enjoyed reading this story. I hope that your daugthers have a wonderful birthday.

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  8. I applaud anyone who has twins, or even has babies close in age. Mine were all five years apart. While it was like a three ring circus, I never really had to pull double duty. Happy Birthday girls!

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