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Shush… Don’t Tell Them You’re My Favorite

Shush… Don’t Tell Them You’re My Favorite

And now…I must apologize because I feel I’ve neglected some of my early blogging buddies while taking the Blogging 101 course. For you my blogging friends, I am thankful for all the wise information you have shared with me in the beginning, making me come out of my shell and learn how to tackle this blogging life in the first place.

Yes, I’ve been up to my neck in assignments and from the looks of things this isn’t over yet! 😉 Sad thing is I probably won’t even get a diploma to frame in gold and hang on my wall.  I have the perfect spot. I want that diploma! But I have EXCUSES, so please bear with me until the end. This just about sums up the last two weeks of my life if you wondered what happened to me.


My title was changed to make more of a statement.

And my tagline is now more about placement.


I’ve followed topics and blogs while being a pest.

And they’ve followed me also and feathered their nests.


We’ve all commented and liked till we’re blue in the face.

But there are good neighbors aplenty all ’round my place.


They have increased by the dozens.

I have Nan, Bob, Bill and all of their cousins!


There’s still room I believe as I constantly scour the list,

Then at night they are all tucked away safe in their nests.


My theme? Is it me? This made me stray.

Then I decided it could be better in grey!


My dialog is cut, then added back.

My bio is shredded and stuffed in a sack.


Less is more, we learned in the beginning.

So now you have less, but more I’ll be sending.


Each assignment is done taking most of my time.

I scramble and struggle lots as I whine.


Now widgets are flying, and some disappearing.

Tabs are increasing and more colors are clearing.


Perfection is coming, but still we must wait.

How many more days can we take?


I’ve tweaked and I’ve cleaned and spruced up my site.

And yes, I can tell it has turned on a light.


My stats are improving, as I hope yours are higher.

The numbers don’t lie. Should I send out a flier?


But wait!  I must not forget where I came from, I worry.

Who helped me along when I was  first in a hurry?


It’s hard work, I cried from the beginning.

But no, I can do it I learned from your winnings.


You prodded and praised and pushed me along,

My confidence rising along with my song.


Yes, you know who your are.

You helped raise the bar.


So for those who got me to the point where I’m at,

You are really my favorite, but let’s not announce that! 😉


A poet I am not!









About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. Wonderful ! And you are my favourite, indeed ! I just nominated you for an award…hope you would accept it 🙂

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  2. You brought out the poetry in your friends – way to lead the smile brigade, Elle!

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  3. It consumed time, that is for sure.
    My other blog went into stasis, all was a blur

    But the lessons we learned
    New connections were yearned

    Now to make wisdom from knowledge
    Universitys are a cluster of college

    A poet I am neither, that is so true
    Must stop know and returen to more new.

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  4. Heh heh love it. I know what you mean about neglecting everything else though. It’s scary how all consuming blogging can be. I keep coming up with new ideas and then offering to write guest blogs for people. ..I need to pause this week and finish writing the last chapter of my book. .

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  5. This reminded me of a Shel Silverstein poem or two… definitely the one whose name I can’t remember about the kid that does not want to go to school today. Or the other one that I believe is Sarah Sylvia Stout who would not take the garbage out. But I could be getting her name wrong. Must re-read “Where the Sidewalk Ends” immediately.

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  6. You’ve learned a lot along this path… Push on!

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  7. A poem it was how can you say you are not
    I liked you long poem, I liked it a lot.
    You say you are not a poet but you have a very creative way with your words. This is great post. I thought it kind of you, reaching out to those who have been with you from the start, letting them know you have not forgotten them. Do you think this might qualify as extra credit in Blogging 101? hehehe. Hope to see you ’round the commons!


    • Extra credit? Hummm? Will that get me that well deserved diploma? If yes! It should qualify! Thanks for your kind words Pixie. ~Elle


      • I’ve seen the blog stickers with “Blogging U” maybe they can make one that says “diploma” or “Blogging U Grad” and give it out to those who complete the workshops. Nice to meet you Elle, I look forward to following your blog 😉

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  8. 😀

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  9. That was amazing! I really enjoyed it.

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    • Thanks Jessica! I really do feel like I have neglected keeping up with everyone. And I’ve neglected my house and my work and my writing of my book and my husband and the list goes on… But I’ m learning a lot! ~Elle

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  10. You may, or may not, be a poet? Yet, that was very cheerful … nice!

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