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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”

The one thing I wish I had heard a year or two or three ago is this: “Listen when I tell you to back up your work in multiple places.”

I don’t usually do Dailey Prompts, but when going through my email because I was tired of fretting over that thumb drive this one jumped out at me.

Yes, I should hear that once and only once and listen, but I didn’t. I always thought there would be time. The time has run out and I may have lost my whole book. I was almost finished editing! You can read about it here if you want to know more details.

I now know how John-Boy felt on ‘The Waltons’ when he lost his manuscript in a fire. That episode always stuck with me for some reason.

When you hear those words – “Back up your work in multiple places” – do just that. Immediately! Do! Not! Procrastinate!

Just a little piece of advice you should listen to. 😦



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  1. I’ll bet we have all been there and we feel your pain. I do hope you were able to recover. I recommend an automated backup using whichever tool works for your environment. It’s hard to remember to load up a flash drive after every writing session (that’s the option that lost me a couple of days worth of work).

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  2. I’m pretty obsessive about backing up my work, but I have to say the one time I regret it is with OneNote. If you haven’t tried it, OneNote is a virtual notebook in the MS Office suite. I’ve taken quite a few enrichment classes, so these notebooks have been very handy for me. You can save it on your computer and in the cloud. The problem is there are syncing issues when you save in both places. I got so frustrated with syncing error messages that I deleted all the notebooks in the cloud and decided to keep them on my hard drive only, backed up on a travel drive. But in the process I lost one of my notebooks. Losing information feels like being robbed, doesn’t it? How could this inanimate object take my stuff!?!

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  3. hey, but now we can keep backup in cloud devices. ONLINE

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  4. Hmmm, I use an iMac mostly. One thing about Apple is they are reliable. On my previous mac, the hard drive crashed, but thanks to “Time Machine”. All was quickly restored, once the new hard drive was fitted. I used to back up to a CD but Apple does not fit the CD drive anymore. I bought an external DVD/CD player, for I’m damned if I’ll pay for the music all over again. One could use a flash drive? Still that’s clunky and fiddly. Ever lost a flash drive? Cheers Jamie.

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