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It started out as a normal day with a trip to Panama City to the eye doctor with H. This was an appointment he had already put off for a year. Procrastination… Men…

What did I come home with later that night? A brand new silver 2016 Corolla S Premium with moon roof, heated leather seats, Bluetooth, etc…the whole kit and kaboodle! 

Who knew they sold those at the eye doctor?  It didn’t take him 4 years and 40 trips to buy it either. And…he traded in “Mothers Car”. Anyone who knows H knows that was a big deal. 

Andrew has been driving H’s moms car – a 2000 Buick LeSabre – that we inherited a few years ago. We believe she would have liked that. H refers to it as “Mothers Car”. 

  Mothers Car – Off to greener pastures! 

One weekend when we were visiting Andrew at Troy we took him to dinner after a performance. Andrew was in the back seat of my car. H announced he needed Andrews keys so he could get the oil changed in Mothers car before we went home. 

Andrew said, “What car, whose car, my car, Mothers Car?  Whose mother? My mother? Why do you need my keys?” 

Are you still with me or did I lose you on that one? 

This irritates Andrew to no end. “It’s my car,” he says. “Andrews car.”

Well, “Mothers Car” has now been sent off to greener pastures. Don’t worry about Andrew not having wheels. He has now inherited my old car. Yes, I’m afraid you are right. He has another “Mothers Car”. 

I told him when he finishes all those college degrees he is aiming for and is making a decent wage he can buy his own car and name it anything he wants because his dad is going to refer to this one as “Your Mothers Car”! 



About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. Hehehe … was just writing that December and January are the best months for car sales. Now you’ve validated that. You can figure that in 2032, you might be making a similar post?

    My big purchase for this month was a juicing machine. See, how we fall into predictable validity? BTW. I’ve owned two Corollas through my life. Generally good cars. Which may be why they are around after 50 years? Enjoy it, please.

    For the leather seats. Some saddle soap and neatsfoot oil. Will help keep them pristine. All those fancy pants overpriced products on the shelves, pale into comparison. The saddle soap will not only clean but also feed the leather. The neatsfoot, use maybe once every two years? On a summer’s night, So that it soaks in. Then wipe in the morning, in case any residue left.
    Cheers Jamie.


  2. That is some eye doc you go to! Tell Andrew it’s better than naming it a cow name like Betsy or Daisy.

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  3. We will just call it “Andrew’s New Car” and get Harry used to that!

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