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When I made my grocery list out earlier in the week I realized I wasn’t a spring chicken anymore. Let’s face it – we all grow older every day no matter how long we deny it. It’s inevitable. 

For the past two months I’ve noticed a slight pain in my forth toe on my left foot. It started with a little cramp like pressure in the mornings when I walked down the hall. By the time I had dressed and put on my running shoes I was fine. 

Sometimes in the afternoons it would start hurting again, but not enough to warrant a doctor’s visit. It would come and go and was really just a nusience making me walk funny and limp slightly at times. Try to explain that at 10:30 am! 

One night I tried to examine where the pain was coming from. It was on the side of my toe next to my pinkie toe. Not an easy place to get a good look unless you are into yoga and very limber, which I’m not. 

I could feel sort of a callus and adding pressure made it hurt a little. Why is this little piggy hitting on that little piggy? They’ve been amiable for 60+ years. Now’s not the time to get frisky! 

I made a trip to the drug store and found this package of toe bandages. Guaranteed to wrap toes in cushioned comfort. 

So I cut the bandage to fit and slipped that sucker over my sore toe hoping the callus would somehow disappear. It didn’t disappear, but it took the pain away – as long as I was wearing it. 

There are certain kinds of footwear you can’t wear when you are sporting a toe bandage of this type. Flip flops for one – and  while living in Florida is it possible to go any length of time without wearing flip flops?

No. I don’t sport this look – ever! Toe bandage or no toe bandage.

After two weeks of having to wear my running shoes or the one pair of sandles that allowed the toe bandage to stay in place I knew there had to be another way to remedie this toe problem. 

I googled as we all do when we have an ache or pain. Come on now. You know you do. It’s quicker, easier, and cheaper than a doctor’s visit. 

So after an extensive search I’ve diagnosed myself with a soft corn. Uggh! I was under the impression only old people get corns, calluses, and bunions. That’s not true because I have one and I’m not old! Yet… 

As any good googler knows, when you diagnose you also find a cure. That’s what the Internet is for. So on my grocery list this week I added corn pads

My toe does feel better after using these bandages for three days. Let’s hope it takes care of the problem so my flip flops won’t stay in the closet all summer! After all, Google and the Internet recommended it! 


About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. It is a soft corn. I had one when I was in my 30s so It’s not just for old people. A podiatrist can remove quickly and painlessly but they can come back. Ultimately mine was caused by a bone rubbing against something (some spot as yours). I had a small surgical procedure (really small — no anesthesia and in doc’s office) and have not had any more trouble in 40 years. Here’s hoping that your drugstore fix will work for you. If not, there are other fixes available. You need to be able to wear flip flops or people will talk about you!

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