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OH NO! BEAR HAS HOLES! One of my favorites…

OH NO! BEAR HAS HOLES! One of my favorites…

This post wound up in my sisters memories on her Facebook page this morning – one of my favorites! Cadence is now in the first grade. My how time flies! We found Sydney Paige a Bear somewhere. I’m not sure where but Sydney loves her Bear too!

Oh No! Bear Has Holes!

Oh No! Bear Has Holes! How can it be that Bear has holes? They’re only itty-bitty, teenie-tiny holes, but yes, Bear has holes and Cadence was devastated. “Here Mom, you keep him. I don’t want his holes to get bigger if I sleep with him,” Cadence said sadly as she handed Bear over for safekeeping to her mom.

This may not be a big deal with some, but when you are only 3 and 1/2 and your very best Bear friend has holes and you are in fear of him coming apart in your hands it can be traumatic.

Bear’s no ordinary bear. There’s a story behind Bear. About twenty-one years ago Andrew received a bear from his aunt. He grew to love it, slept with it, ate with it, dragged it everywhere. He named Mie-Mie Bear after his big sister Amie. We always lived in fear of Bear getting lost or being left behind somewhere and then it happened! Bear had been left behind in Louisiana on a trip.

His big sister, Amie, discovered the orphaned bear and quickly packed him up nice and snug, slapped some postage on his carrier and  mailed him back home. When a package arrived on the doorstep from Mie-Mie to Andrew and the box was opened, Bear popped out. He was given a great big hug, and went by the name of Mie-Mie Bear from then on!

Moving forward about eighteen years later  –  Jessie enters a consignment store (she’s very thrifty) and what to you think she saw sitting on a shelf with tags still on and a grin on his face? BEAR! Now it wasn’t exactly Mie-Mie Bear, but his look-alike cousin with a $4.00 price tag at that! Cousin Bear now had a new friend and a new home. Cadence loved him and cuddled him, slept with him and ate with him, lost him at the mall, and found him when he was turned into lost and found! Yep, he’s been around, and now sadly, he has holes. 😦

Ethan also has a bear. His name is Bear too. Terri sent Ethan his bear. It was Ty’s  and he never was attached to it so he didn’t mind. Cadence can tell the difference between the two identical bears by feeling them and maybe even smelling. Who knows? Sydney Paige doesn’t have a bear – yet.

Buy another Bear you say? That’s not so easy. Bear has been D I S C O N T I N U E D! Made by Eden Toys, Inc. and discontinued! Not in production any longer. 😦



When we researched on E-bay and found that Bear can bring up to $150.00 in pristine condition, Mie-Mie Bear went into a plastic bag and resides in a corner of Andrew’s bookshelves surrounded by all the other memorabilia from Andrew’s life.  Maybe he will go up in value and help pay for Andrew’s college loans one day! I know – wishful thinking. 🙂 Jessie won’t let me send Mie-Mie Bear to Sydney because she knows how much Andrew cherished him. So…we’re still looking for another Bear.

Bear's heart patch!

Bear’s heart patch!

Bear now has a heart stitched over the holes in his chest and we need to apply a patch to his rear. Bear also has clothes we made from newborn onesies to help keep him safe from even more holes. Now we have to get boy onesies for Ethan’s Bear. These kids are going to have to stop getting Bear dirty or Jessie has to stop washing them so much! LOL!

Bear's new outfits!

Bear’s new outfits!

This is the easy how-to for Bear onesies in case you have a bear who gets holes:

  • 1 short sleeve newborn onsie – is that the singular of onesies? Can’t find that anywhere! The short sleeve was a long sleeve on Bear.
  • Cut off 1 inch above the top of the leg openings.
  • Find the middle of the onsie and stitch from the bottom 1/2 inch from the middle up to middle point about 3 and 1/2 inches and back to the bottom 1/2 inch on the other side of the middle. Picture this: You are actually sewing a V to make legs in the oncie. Clip the V open and there you have the legs! Turn under raw edge and hem about 1/2 to 1 inch. Bear is very soft and pliable so he could fit through the neck hole feet first. If your bear can’t, you can slit the back neck open a little, finish raw edges and add a button or some Velcro.
  • Wait! We aren’t finished yet! Take the bottom of the onsie that you cut off – I hope you didn’t discard that – and turn top under 1/2 inch and stitch all around. Insert I/4 inch elastic. Now you also have a diaper for Bear!


Bear 1

Does anyone know where there’s a Bear hiding?


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  2. My children were so attached to their blankies and my daughter loved her teddy called Fluffy to bits. This post made me smile.

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  3. Aww… this brings back memories of babies lugging around blankies, “Poko’s” (a pillow), bunnies, and other “lovey’s”. Now Grandbaby enjoys his paci that has a stuffed animal attached.. So adorable!!

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