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Aaannnnnndddd…..she’s down! In a split second I was on the floor. How many times has that happened to you and you know you don’t have time for this? 

I was in the kitchen when it happened and I guess I caught my foot on the edge of the rug in front of the sink. The next thing I knew I was on the floor, my head banged against the back cabinet and my hip slammed hard on the ceramic tile. 

“What was that?” H called from the other room. 

Dazed, I moaned, “Nothing. I fell. I’m fine.” Don’t rush. No hurry. I’ve just fallen and can’t get up. 

He arrived, standing over me and reaching out a hand to help me up. “What did you do?” 

Sometimes I wonder why he asks questions that have obvious answers. He does this a lot. It’s a good thing we don’t have stairs. He might be found at the bottom of them in a few days when I can move around more quickly. 

Now I have a bruise on my right thigh the size of a salad plate. It could be the twin to the one that has since faded on my left thigh. This happened when we were out bike riding one morning and H stopped suddenly with me right on his tail. There was no place to go but down. 

You guessed it. H asked, “What are you doing?” Then he reached down and helped me up. 

I hope I didn’t break anything. It only hurts when I walk. Just a little, but I feel like I’m listing to the right. Maybe I’ll just carry my purse on my left side to hold me up straight. It’s about the right weight to do so. 

You know you are getting old when you take a spill for an unknown reason. 



About Elle Knowles

Elle Knowles lives in the Florida Panhandle with her husband and off-at-college-most-of-the-time son. She has four daughters, one son, and eleven beautiful grandchildren. 'Crossing the Line' is her first novel. The sequel 'What Line' is a work in progress. Recently published is Coffee-Drunk Or Blind - a nonfiction story of homesteading in the Alaska wilderness with her parents and four siblings, told through letters by her mother and remembered accounts from the family.

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  1. Ouch! That sounds painful.

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  2. A little less than a year ago I fell off a ladder and fractured my hip (no, I have no idea what I was doing). I’m just about 100% again, and I’m much more careful now that I know I’m not, in fact, indestructible. Be careful!

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  3. About 10 years ago I fractured my knee cap. I fell on flat macadam on a dry sunny day. I still don’t know how it happened. Glad you are ok and still have your sense of humor!

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  4. Yeah, got the postcard on that one … Just the other night putting on night wear and just went down. Sympathy for your bruising … one has to learn to pay attention? Cheers Jamie

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