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Hi-Ho Silver!

Hi-Ho Silver!

I’ve had my laptop since 2013. I love it. It’s red and doesn’t take up much room even though it has a 15 inch screen and weighs a ton!

I bought it when I started writing because I was tired of wrestling with my old desktop PC that had seen better days. At the time H was still teaching and we traveled a lot so I was able to take my writing along with me.

Red also served as a note board!

A six-year relationship with a piece of technology is a long time. Lately, I’ve been fighting with Red. Yeah, we’ve had some disagreements.

Babying Red has caused anxiety on my part. I learned which keys to tap and in what order to get things done before a system failure. I learned patience, and sometimes not-so-much.

Gearing up to work in the mornings was sometimes unnerving. I was always worried of a crash and had nightmares of all my work going down the drain. Bits and pieces of my life swooshing away in a millisecond!

One time it did – but that was my jump drive, not Red’s fault. Since then I’ve learned to save my work in multiple forms and places.

I’ve put off the inevitable because it is so much easier to pretend all will be fine. Last month I bit the bullet and put myself in the market for a new laptop.

I started perusing the webpages for newer models. I wandered the technology aisles at every store we went in, touching and feeling, trying out the keyboards, and admiring all the new bells and whistles.

Yes, the new sleek styles and light-as-a-feather laptops had finally caught my eye.

Everyone said, “Get a Mac. You’ll love it. You’ll never go back to a PC.”

I took their advice and this week my new MacBook Air arrived. I was enthusiastic as I opened the box and pulled out the shiny silver slim piece of technology with the Apple logo on top. This was going to change my world.

I’ve read books that weigh more!

Weighing in at 2.75 lbs and measuring at approximately 11.97″W x 0.61″H x 8.36″ deep, this baby was a lightweight compared to Red. Sorry Red, you may need to slim down a bit.

No more waiting time for boot-up or wondering if I was going to be swimming in a sea of vanishing files everyday. I now had the best at my fingertips. I was in Macbook heaven.

That feeling didn’t last long. No one told me I only had to press gently instead of tapping to get a response from Silver. I feared there was a problem because there wasn’t much response to my finger-tapping.

Of course, nothing comes with a how-to manual anymore so I fought through the set-up process for an hour, telling H I might have gotten a lemon.

Google has now become my new BFF and has been given a permanent residence on my smartphone. Who knew that pressing gently anywhere on Silver’s trackpad does the same trick as tapping on Red’s.

After I figured out that little trick, the odds of returning Silver to the store in favor of Red went way down.

One thing that bothers me is I feel like Silver is always wanting my password for this or that before I make any changes. Once I get all my programs set up and running, I’m sure there will be a lull in that respect.

After finally getting Word downloaded, (laptops don’t have as many programs loaded into their systems at the get-go anymore), I tried to open the file to the next book I’m working while waiting for Avoiding The Tilt to publish on June 25th. My file had saved in Google Docs when I sent it to my email.

After numerous attempts, the file mysteriously appeared in Word. Don’t ask me what I did. I don’t know, but something worked. I’ll google that later.

I realized Silver had no right click feature as there was on Red. How to highlight, how to copy and paste, how to save? Heck! I didn’t even know how to turn this computer off. Silver was going to be awake forever.

Learning curves take time to master. I still need patience, but I haven’t given up yet. Silver and I are going to become great friends.

Hi-Ho Silver and away!


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Thoughts on setting up an email list

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Thoughts on setting up an email list

Setting up an email list has not been my favorite extracurricular author duty. They all say, “you have to do this!” No, I do not know who they are.

One company wanted me to import all my contacts. Little did they know if I had contacts I wouldn’t need their help. Contacts were what I was fishing for.

I finally settled on Mailchimp. It has proven to be the easiest. I say this before I’ve even sent out my first newsletter. We’ll see what I have to say after that ordeal. I’m probably having anxiety attacks over nothing.

I have managed to make a landing page. You can see it here. And while you’re there go ahead and sign up. Help a frazzled girl out. There are prizes to be won! A $100 Amazon gift card on publishing day of Avoiding The Tilt to be exact! (6/25/2019). Who wouldn’t want some free money! You can spend it on books. Here’s a good one to start with.

I’m not going to say the prizes will get bigger and better as the time rolls on, but it’s a start and I will have give-a-ways.

My soon-to-be-published book, Avoiding The Tilt can now be pre-ordered as a kindle book. The paperback will be up soon.


“Starting her online business and downsizing into an inherited overly-furnished twelve hundred square foot home in the span of six months was no big deal to Evie Burgess. But when her husband, Leo, known as the neighborhood curmudgeon, suddenly retires two years sooner than expected, Evie’s space has been invaded by the never-ending presence of constant interruptions and impulsive hoarding of all objects nonessential. It doesn’t help that their elderly neighbor is continually gifting them with objects which have no value and serve no purpose. Organization and multi-tasking are second nature to Evie. Trying to curtail Leo’s hoarding tendencies and hook him up with a hobby that won’t annoy the neighbors is at the top of her to-do list. However, becoming an over-controlling maniac is the last thing Evie wants to be known as to her family. Secretly ridding their home of clutter is frustrating as Evie attempts to keep their marriage and home from bursting at the seams and tilting out of control. The only way to keep her sanity is the daily communication Evie maintains with Willie Lump-Lump, her child-hood cat.

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