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Always A Project In The Back Of My Mind

Projects  – projects –  projects! There’s always something to work on, be it writing, publishing, sewing, or helping out my husband as his ‘personal secretary’ for work. Always some band business to take care of!

It all continually goes around in my head, making it hard to sleep sometimes. This is the list of my projects in any given week.

  • I am working on the sequel, ‘What Line’, right now. Crossing The Line was published in February 2013.
  • I have another novel started (no title yet) and add to it when I lose my train of though or need a break with What Line.
  • I want to publish a book about the time my family spent homesteading in Alaska – my parents must have been out of their minds to attempt this adventure with four children under the age of eight and another one born in the middle of the chaos!
  • With the publishing comes the promoting and that takes a whole lot of time!
  • Sewing – Now that never ends, especially since it is my paying job right now! 🙂
  • Sewing for the fun of it – I don’t get to do this often but always dream of it and love it when I can squeeze out a little block of time!
  • ‘Personal secretary’ – Every band director should be given their own personal secretary to sit in an office next to them each working day. There is soooo much to do. Yes, band parents help a whole lot – don’t know where we would be without them – some things just can’t be turned over though.
  • There’s also the’ personal secretary’ work at home – paying bills, making and keeping track of appointments, and even though it does not fit into the personal secretary definition – there’s still the housework, laundry, and cooking. Someone has to do that and I have been unanimously elected! (I must have missed that meeting.)

Sometimes its hard to fit all this into a day – some things get overlooked momentarily, put on a back burner, shuffled around, or  forgotten completely! See? I forgot to add writing this blog! Now that’s a very important item I don’t want to leave off the list!


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  2. I found your back story. I,also, always have an idea in my mind, most clearly with my first cup of coffee. Also, my son is a band director: middle and high school (150 students) so I have idea of that part of you life. c

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    • Good for your son! Tell him to always keep his wife involved – if he is married – otherwise they may never see each other. I thank H for doing that for us. Sometimes, like yesterday, when I did band stuff all day, I don’t. Lol! And keep those projects of yours going! ~Elle

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  4. Everyone should have a list. I have day by day and hour by hour lists for my family Christmas party dinners of 45.

    Good luck with you novel. And thank you for visiting 1950 Suburban Adventures.



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