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COMMENTS CLOSED – Are all your boxes ticked

COMMENTS CLOSED – Are all your boxes ticked

My last couple of blog posts received no comments. Yes, there were some likes, but I seemed to have very little traffic compared to a few weeks ago.

Then a fellow blogger friend contacted me and asked why I had my comments turned off. That was news to me! I hadn’t turned off my comments and wasn’t even sure I knew how to.

The majority of my posts are composed and posted through the WordPress app on my phone. There aren’t many options to delve into the mechanics of WordPress from the app so I opened up my laptop and started searching for an answer on my site.

After much googling and questioning of WordPress I got answers that really didn’t help. My settings showed I had all the right boxes ticked, and unticking and re-ticking didn’t magically solve the problem.


If you scroll to the end of your problem blog in edit mode there is a box to tick for allowing comments. Mine was unticked.

Is this something new? I’ve never had to tick that box before and haven’t even noticed it. But like I said, my phone app doesn’t have that option.

My main settings are set to allow comments. Does this mean I will have to start posting from my laptop so I can tick that extra box every time? I hope not.

I’m sure it’s some technical blunder on WordPress. Not my fault.

BTW I’m posting this from my phone. Let’s see what happens!

Are all your boxes ticked?



Yes, I had to go in on my laptop and check that box. This is so frustrating!

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Binge-watching cannot be good for your well-being

Binge-watching cannot be good for your well-being

I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy after the eleventh season – at least three years ago – and H stopped on the ninth season. I was waiting for the twelfth. That never happened. Life did.

Now I’ve decided to play catch-up, never realizing that each season is sooooo looooong! Twenty-three to twenty-five episodes in each one. It didn’t take me long to get involved in the storyline again.

I’m on season fourteen – episode one. Quite some time to go to get through the fifteenth season by September when season sixteen begins.

H was going to be out of town most of the afternoon yesterday until about eleven pm. “Great! I can watch a couple of episodes without interruption.”

He interrupted me at eleven-fifteen pm. Mmm, yes…I was still watching…My, how time flies when you are having fun!

I cannot believe I binge-watched and wasted all those precious hours of free time. I could have been writing or editing or something other than getting caught up in the drama of Grey’s Anatomy!

Those people have so much drama going on in their personal lives. I just want to shake a few of them and say, “Get a grip!”

It reminds me a little of the old soap opera, “Days Of Our Lives”. Yes, I’m that old…

You just get caught up in all that drama. It can’t be good for your mental state. Neither can sitting with your eyes glued to a tv screen for hours be good for your eyes.

The point of this story is, H left this morning at eight am to start his day teaching private lessons. He won’t be done until four-thirty.

I am not going to turn on Netflix…I am not…I am not…I am not…

What show did you last binge-watch?


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