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Not having any idea about what to write about for an O word, H has unwillingly provided me with a subject by graciously losing his wallet.

Optimistic – adjective –

  1. Disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.
  2. Reflecting a favorable review of events and conditions and expectations of a positive outcome; demonstrating optimism: an optimistic plan.
  3. Of or relating to optimism.

I’m trying to be optimistic about this ordeal. He’s kicking himself. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later and just had that thought run through my head two days earlier as he had to go back to the car to get his wallet before we went into a restaurant.

I’ve told him often he carries too much crap in that wallet and when he started recently to take it out of his pocket while driving because it was uncomfortable to sit on, I knew that was true.

He went to Winn Dixie this morning to pick up a couple of items we needed and came straight home. No other stops. Didn’t talk to anyone. Unloaded the one bag of groceries and put them up. That’s all.

Two hours later we were getting ready to walk out of the house to go to Troy for Andrews concert he was  featured on timpani in and H asked, “Have you seen my wallet?”

We spent about fifteen minutes searching high and low, east and west, north and south. No wallet. Not in his truck, under the seats, in the bed of it or under it. Not in the yard, not in the seats, not inside or outside – Sam I am – I’m too tired and frustrated to make sense. Sorry.

We had to leave or be late for the concert. I called Winn Dixie. No one had turned it in, so in hopes it might turn up, I left my number. We drove through their parking lot on the way out and gave it a quick scan. No wallet.

At nine-forty-five when we returned home from Troy to search some more – which by-the-way was a great concert. I hope to have a video of Andrew’s featured piece on my author Facebook page soon. Can’t do it now because we are still searching for a wallet!

I’ve checked the accounts of all his credit and debit cards. None have been used. What next? I guess it’s time to sit down and start calling to have cards cancelled and reissued. What an ordeal!

Being optimistic for almost twenty-four hours has not brought back the wallet. I was hoping whoever found it would do the decent thing and turn it in to customer service at Winn Dixie, all items intact. Heck! They could even keep the cash for their trouble which would have taken about five minutes or less of their time.

But no – someone has an almost new wallet, twenty-one dollars in cash, a driver’s license that will be of no help if they are carded or caught speeding,  and various credit cards that will be of no use in a few minutes.

After coming across this picture, even more stuff we didn’t think of came to mind. His medical insurance cards and voter ID were in there. Luckily, his social security card wasn’t. I don’t think. Now I’ll have to go search for that to make sure! Where did I put that? Uggh!




Excuses or little white lies are made every day when the stars are not lining up in our favor to attend what we really don’t want to attend. As not-so-responsible adults, when we spew forth those excuses in front of, or for our children, we are only teaching them to carry on the tradition and be less responsible. 

To be part of a high school marching and concert band class, after-school rehearsals four days a week are rule-of-thumb with an occasional Saturday rehearsal thrown in for good measure. (pun intended) Kids don’t always want to be there. It’s hard work, hot during marching season, time consuming, and students, nor parents realize it’s important for a good performance. It can’t all get done in a forty-five minute class period five days a week if you want to be part of a superior band. 

Now remember H doesn’t have a one hundred and fifty or even a seventy-five piece band. Only around thirty and that includes the color guard. Everyone basically plays a solo  and when you’ve got one or two or three out of the equation, there’s a hole or two and missing instrumentation. 


Saturday rehearsal in preparation for state band festival - 3 missing

Saturday rehearsal in preparation for state band festival – 3 missing

H has heard many of these little white lies in the course of his teaching career. ‘The dog ate my homework’ doesn’t apply to band. The top three excuses he has heard, among many other questionable ones are listed below. 

  1. FAMILY OBLIGATIONS – Mitchell won’t be able to be at rehearsal tomorrow. We have a prior family obligation. 
  2. DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENTS – Sarah has a dental appointment this afternoon so she will not be attending rehearsal today. 
  3. TOO MUCH HOMEWORK – Billy was absent yesterday from after-school rehearsal because he had a lot of school work he had to get done. 

I could elaborate as to why these excuses aren’t feasible, but we will leave that for another post – WHY THESE 3 EXCUSES DON’T CUT IT. 

Bet your bottom dollar they will all show up early or on time for the end-of-the-year trip! 

A – Z Blogging Challenge  – the letter N – NOT


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