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That’s correct. You read that right. This isn’t just another Fifty Shades of Grey review because it’s not a review. I haven’t read it or plan to and I have no plans scheduled to see the movie. Surprised? But…(in a whiney voice) …everyone has read it…everyone is seeing the movie.  Well, I’m not and I’m not everyone.

How many of you have read Fifty Shades of Gray? Be honest now and put that in the comment box below. How many of you have seen the movie or plan on seeing it? You can add that answer to the box below too. What’s your opinion of this latest best-seller-in-your-face book? I’m not judging you. You’re an adult and can pick your own reading material. I’m only wondering if I’m the lone-man-standing here.



To be honest I really don’t know much about the book. It never really grabbed me as I like a book to do when I pick it up. Oh, I know – plenty of other people have read it and enjoyed it and maybe not. I’ve read positive reviews and not so positive reviews and some in between.  It’s all over the news and all over the internet. You can’t turn around without it slapping you in the face!

I’d rather spend my money on a book I know I will enjoy. Take for instance that book over in my sidebar at the bottom right – Orphan Train. Now there’s a book you can sink your teeth into.  You can’t go wrong there!

I’m also going to try a little poll here because it was one of the assignments on Blogging 201 I skipped. I’m hoping I will have the option to post the final results later so stay tuned for that in one week!

And another thing – Gray vs Grey. What’s the difference?


A Little Bit Of A Book Review Page

A Little Bit Of A Book Review Page

A Little Bit Of A Book Review page is now up and running. I may fall flat on my face with this experiment. Who am I to judge? I’m not really judging. What you’ll find on this page is my LIKES.  I’ll leave the negative judging to someone else because lately most of what I’ve read is filling the void of good reading. I haven’t picked up a BAD book in a long while. I think I may have issues of telling someone they did it wrong! I don’t want to hurt any feelings. And then again – I’m no judge. Not an expert. It’s only my opinion.

Actually I’ve been reading a lot of self-published books. Before I self-published ‘Crossing The Line’ I never really gave it much thought. Click on that book cover over there to your right or here and you can judge for yourself. I would love to read your review. I  read anything and everything that catches my eye. Now I know where to look to get some of the best self-published books around. Writing my own blog and following other blogs on WordPress has put me in the know! 😉 I also know how important book reviews are to authors. It’s incentive every time a new review pops up for your recently published book you labored over and made public to the world. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

All of what I read is not self-published though.  I love to read and I know what I like. If a book is recommended to me and I find the title and blurb to my liking, I usually give it a try. My reading genre is a bit well-rounded I would say. 🙂

Here’s a few that I’ve recently finished and I think you may enjoy too. You can click on the links, go to Amazon and read all the great reviews.

  • The Six Train To Wisconsin  – by Kourtney Heintz –  I just randomly came across this title. I think it may have surfaced on the front of my kindle one day. There’s a little bit – really a whole lot – of telepathy in play here! It really made me think – what if? Oh my goodness! No more secrets. I wouldn’t even want to go there!
  • The Rosie Project – by Graeme Simsion – If you want a good laugh and some entertainment in your life, read this. So, so, so, funny. Hilarious! The main character, Don, has no clue about life even though he is well-organized, well-educated, and fit-as-a- fiddle! I didn’t want to put it down. I know you hear that all the time on book reviews, but REALLY I didn’t. My brother suggested it and he almost never steers me wrong with a good book! Thanks Chip!
  • Red Clay and Roses – I really loved, loved, loved this book by S K Nicholls. She self-published and did an amazing job! If you are interested in a little history of life how it was in the days of the Jim Crow Law down in the deep south, this highlights the lives of people who lived it! Very powerful reading. Susan and I became friends from reading and following each others blogs. You can never have too many friends!  😉
  • Catskinner’s Book – Believe it or not I came across this title perusing blogs. Yes, I knew what a catskinner was – at least I thought I did. To my knowledge catskinners were the men who operated the big equipment clearing roads and land when we lived in Alaska. That’s the name that was given to them. Was I surprised to learn there is now another definition! This book has absolutely nothing to do with that! hahaha If you want some science fiction, fantasy, some mysterious happenings, a little supernatural hero kinda thing, and want to know the ‘other’ definition of catskinner, you must check this out.  The author, Misha Burnett really reels you in with his story. What an imagination!
  • Silk For The Feed Dogs – This is another of those ‘I know what that is’ books.  Hummm? Feed dogs. Do you know what a feed dog is? It’s a part on a sewing machine. I sew, therefore, this seemed like a book I could get into. And it was! Jackie Mallon’s  characters were colorful and they captured your heart. She writes what she knows and has written quite an intriguing  story. Check out her blog here. That’s how I met Jackie and we continually stay connected this way. Another good friend made from blogging.

Sooooo…authors and readers, start typing in those goodies. I may read yours next. 😉 I’m always up for a good read. I can’t write on ‘What Line’ all the time, even though that is my secret goal. 🙂 What a life that would be!

That’s five – count them – five good books I’ve consumed since November. And I thought I didn’t have time to read! With what I haven’t listed added to the count I have way more time than I thought. I read in bed, in the bath, in the car, waiting between numbers at concerts with H, anywhere I can squeeze in a few good words. There’s always a book in my purse for just-in-case!

Read any good books lately? What do you read and where do you read?


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