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Surviving the crisis with a little humor…

Surviving the crisis with a little humor…

While my children are figuring out how to plan their days with kids, ages two through a junior in high school, (that’s four different families) I sit back and wonder how it would have been for me when they were growing up. If I had been thrown a curve ball like this, I may not have survived – or maybe they wouldn’t have.

The group text between sisters and mom is blowing up this minute with brainstorming ideas between them. They never cease to give me great blogging material.

One sister is a teacher so she’s also having to worry about her “other” kids staying on task in the weeks ahead.


Another is a stay-at-home mom with four kids age 2 – 9. The school is already set up for digital learning so that’s a plus. She’s really excited making lists and assignments and goals to meet during the day. She has bought all the supplies for a daily on-line art class. I listened to her banter yesterday and said, “yeah, call me Wednesday.”

There is also a single working mom who may find herself working from home for a while. One of her daughters already does online learning as her way of attending school every day. She won’t be affected at all except for the fact she will now have people to deal with in her school room. (Mom and younger sister)

Last, but not least, there is the mother of a teenage son. You know the kind – they already know it all. Good luck to her!

                                                                           Mom doesn’t look too worried!

Meanwhile, Andrew has been granted another week of spring break at the University of South Carolina. He’s stressing over having to start virtual classes the next week with a research class and another class I’m not sure of. I just know there are a lot of papers he has to write because his dad and I do plenty of editing for him.

Of course H says, “I never had anyone to help me. I sat in the library for days writing a paper and when I turned it in, my professor picked it apart unmercifully. Then I had to rewrite it.” I just told him Andrew was so lucky to have his knowledge in the field and his help. That shut him up.

There is also the problem of having a virtual percussion class. His teacher isn’t even sure of that one.

At least he will have more time to spend with Mia and Xochi.

Stay safe in the next few weeks!



New Years Day ain’t New Years Day without the black-eyed peas…

New Years Day ain’t New Years Day without the black-eyed peas…

I’ve often heard that whatever you do on New Years Day you will be doing for the rest of the year. If that’s the case I’m going to be worthless! Except for the fact that I did cook – and cooking is not what I want to be doing all year.

Of course we had the traditional New Years meal – black-eyed peas, cabbage, and cornbread. H didn’t have nice things to say about my corn bread because I didn’t add sugar to it. If I wanted cake, I would have made cake. One time a year I want some old fashion cornbread and today was the day. Sorry.

I interrogated my children this morning about whether or not they were having a traditional New Years meal. I was betting on the fact that they all were except for Andrew. I sent him this info about black eyed peas and cabbage for New Years when he said he wasn’t cooking that because he didn’t have any. That’s why you should plan ahead, Andrew. After he read it he said he may go get some to cook… He did but could only find frozen ones. I told him that would work. I won’t push the cabbage.

So back to what you do on New Years Day…

Just thinking about what is on the list of what I could be doing while H goes out hunting this afternoon overwhelms me. I have no lack of projects.

  • Work on that impossible wedding gown I am altering for someone. The faster I get it done, the faster I can stop worrying about it.
  • Make some pillows for my Etsy shop. I have a Mardi Gras design in my head. I also should change my holiday header and profile pic too.
  • Write on my WIP. I have been too lax in that project. The 3 I’ve already published are holding their own.
  • Sew on those curtains I promised Jessie and on the ones I promised Andrew and Xochi.
  • Play with my Cricut. I have so many project ideas I don’t know where to start!
  • Finish making my low content daily planner book for H to organize his private lessons. He sometimes forgets he rescheduled someone. He will actually have to open it up and write in it for it to be worthwhile. These are the low content books I’ve already published.

What New Years traditions do you follow? Andrew’s girlfriend is from Venezuela and they eat 12 grapes at midnight. He said Xochi already ate her 12 grapes and did not eat beans even though he explained to her they were technically peas.

Where do I start? What do I do? I think I hear the sofa calling my name…


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