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Shower Writing

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Shower Writing

I just mapped out a whole blog post while taking a shower. Does anyone else do this? Let’s see if I can get it down in digital form without leaving out the important stuff.

SUBTITLE: Positive Effects of Social Distancing

I know everyone has to be as tired as I am of social distancing. Really, what’s to love about it besides the fact you can work from home – in your pajamas – with no makeup? Believe me, that gets old pretty fast. I also saved a ton of money on gas. Who knew my car could travel for two months on one tank of fuel?

My kids have taken it all in stride:

Kerri has worked from home until last week. Her girls resumed a few dance lessons on Zoom and the youngest finished out fourth grade via distance learning online. The oldest was already attending school through online schooling.

She painted four rooms in her house and started daily walks and a few hikes which they never had time for before. Dance had been the center of their universe.

Out for a hike!

Terri had a house full while trying to social distance. At least she had runners to grocery shop and run errands. She pushed Will through his junior year of high school, but said there was no way in H E double L she was going to home school a senior in high school. One of them would end up dead!

On a positive note, she learned how to crochet and the needles have been working overtime. I just ordered her some yarn to crochet me a throw.

This is the first throw Terri made. Such bright colors!

Jessie has had quite the experience in teaching from home. She has now decided that she enjoyed it to the extent she will be homeschooling the three oldest – grades 1, 3, and 5, in the fall. Pierson is only 2.5, but I bet when he does start school he will be way ahead of his peers.

These four children had cousins who lived a few minutes away so they got a lot of bonding time together in the last few months.

Clockwise – Kerri, Jessie, Cadence, Lia, Sydney, Charlee, Ethan, Davey. Pierson is missing? He may have been napping.

Amie is a teacher and so is her husband, but she learned that teaching her own children through online schooling while trying to also keep her classes going is quite the experience. She also had two college age children home at the same time. I believe she is more than ready for school to start up again and life to return to normal.

She did enjoy that reprieve on her gas budget, and…together with her family, they built a deck!

Alli and Abby enjoying their handiwork!

Andrew had to finish out his second semester of his doctorate through zoom meetings. There is nothing quite like giving a music recital through Zoom! 😂 He was not a fan of that.

He did enjoy the break from all his duties as a graduate assistant to work on his composing, and actually had two pieces finalized and published last month. You can listen to “A Castle In The Air” here.   This is someone else performing it.

He is more than ready to resume normal activity, but wonders how normal a marching band will be in the fall.

Andrew and Xochi came to visit for a few days last week. They brought Mia with them so we did a little dog sitting.

Mia on the hunt for squirrels in the park.

H is still teaching his music lessons through Zoom, but will start teaching back at Playground Music next month. Between you and me, that will be a good thing! 🤫 I know more about Zoom than I need to.

I have not written much in the past few months. I’ve spent a lot of time stocking up pillows in my Etsy shop. Here’s what I worked on yesterday.

Plus – I was still working my regular job making pillows for decorators in the area. I do that from home anyway. I’m thankful my business didn’t go into a slump.

What I want to happen soon is for the restaurants to open back up safely. I’m tired of eating groceries! And cooking them!

Overall, this experience has been a positive one. Kitchens and rooms and tables have been painted. I even found the time to chalk paint this small chest.

We’ve all learned how to get along together in close spaces. The grandchildren have learned to help one another and the parents have learned to practice more patience. Kids have learned to cook and do laundry. Numerous houses have been decluttered and outdoor projects have been started and finished. A lot of reading has been going on with jigsaw puzzles taking up the slack. And Zoom has been at the top of everyone’s learning curve!

How is your social distancing going? Life as we once knew it may not resume. I believe it’s time for a change. Stay safe and enjoy your families!


Surviving the crisis with a little humor…

Surviving the crisis with a little humor…

While my children are figuring out how to plan their days with kids, ages two through a junior in high school, (that’s four different families) I sit back and wonder how it would have been for me when they were growing up. If I had been thrown a curve ball like this, I may not have survived – or maybe they wouldn’t have.

The group text between sisters and mom is blowing up this minute with brainstorming ideas between them. They never cease to give me great blogging material.

One sister is a teacher so she’s also having to worry about her “other” kids staying on task in the weeks ahead.


Another is a stay-at-home mom with four kids age 2 – 9. The school is already set up for digital learning so that’s a plus. She’s really excited making lists and assignments and goals to meet during the day. She has bought all the supplies for a daily on-line art class. I listened to her banter yesterday and said, “yeah, call me Wednesday.”

There is also a single working mom who may find herself working from home for a while. One of her daughters already does online learning as her way of attending school every day. She won’t be affected at all except for the fact she will now have people to deal with in her school room. (Mom and younger sister)

Last, but not least, there is the mother of a teenage son. You know the kind – they already know it all. Good luck to her!

                                                                           Mom doesn’t look too worried!

Meanwhile, Andrew has been granted another week of spring break at the University of South Carolina. He’s stressing over having to start virtual classes the next week with a research class and another class I’m not sure of. I just know there are a lot of papers he has to write because his dad and I do plenty of editing for him.

Of course H says, “I never had anyone to help me. I sat in the library for days writing a paper and when I turned it in, my professor picked it apart unmercifully. Then I had to rewrite it.” I just told him Andrew was so lucky to have his knowledge in the field and his help. That shut him up.

There is also the problem of having a virtual percussion class. His teacher isn’t even sure of that one.

At least he will have more time to spend with Mia and Xochi.

Stay safe in the next few weeks!



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