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You’re Laughing But What Do You Have To Lose?

You’re Laughing But What Do You Have To Lose?

Don’t Laugh. Marie Kondo has made a nice tidy sum by tidying up life for others. She has two best selling books published – Tidying Up With Marie Kondo and Spark Joy. Now she has a series on Netflix.

I read her first book about two years ago and even blogged about it here.

I’ve learned a lot since then – mainly that I live with a person who thinks every item he owns sparks joy. Yeah, he’s in denial and definitely not on board with my decluttering!

I’ve tidied his closet and chest even though Marie firmly states you can’t tidy for others. They have to come to the realization tidy is better and do it themselves. I pretty much know that will never happen and half-tidied is not an option for me. As long as I walk behind him and straighten here and there once a week we survive.

I’ve continued to encourage H to get rid of some of this furniture that is cluttering up our home. I felt I had climbed a huge mountain when he agreed to store the top of the hutch in Andrew’s storage unit – there is no room in ours – and use the bottom of the piece to house our tv. It’s perfect. I now have a whole wall almost bare and the chest will get a coat of chalk paint in the spring. (Yes! He agreed to that too. Another battle won!) I was more surprised when he said the room looked better this way.

I can’t wait to paint this!

Owning lots of books has always been my down fall, but when we moved into this small house I decided some would have to go. It wasn’t easy. Especially, since we inherited truckloads – or so it seemed – from H’s parents. Most of these books are useless, but H has a hard time letting go. I don’t see him reading any of those Sea Life magazines that are bound by year since sometime in the 60’s or The Book Of Old Ships. And those fourteen dictionaries take up a lot of room. Do we really need an Aviation Dictionary?

I’m not sure what that book next to it is but you can tell it’s old!

I have kept my copy of Burheads Confessions, a book my mother read to us on our Alaska adventure. It’s not the original but my brother gifted me with this so it’s special. There are a few more special books I’ve kept but that dream I once had of having a library in my home has flown out the window. My library is in kindle and audible form these days.

Even though I tidied a few years ago my clothing has gotten out of hand again. H is a T-shirt buyer. Whenever we attend events he thinks I need a T-shirt added to my collection. I had forty-six stored in a drawer I never opened. I kept twelve. And that is too many.

Admit it. You too have articles of clothing you “might” fit into one day. Do yourself a favor and toss those. Celebrate by buying something new when you reach that goal!

My sewing supplies and fabric stash has grown and was still not tidied as I had promised myself I would do. After two days of purging and letting go – I really did have some pieces that did not spark joy – my fabric is now neatly folded and stored in clear labeled boxes. The odds and ends of supplies such as elastic, ribbons, bobbins,and threads is another issue. I may never figure that one out!

My children still laugh when I encourage them to watch and take part in the Marie Kondo method. And they always have an excuse. When they are taken hostage in their homes by useless clutter, I’ll be the one laughing. “If you can watch Dr Pimple Popper you can watch this!”

I’ve seen so much negativity about Marie’s new series on Netflix, but the fuss and hype about the KonMarie method can be put to rest. Finally, I ran across an article that made sense. No. Marie does not want you to live with just the bare essentials such as food, water, and little clothing. Nor does she want you to burn all your books. However, whether you read her books, or watch her series, keep an open mind and you may figure out what she’s really saying.

If I keep chipping away at this long enough I think I could become a minimalist. 😬 Happy decluttering!



Don’t Think You Are Pulling The Wool Over My Eyes

Don’t Think You Are Pulling The Wool Over My Eyes

I love Saturdays. H gets up early because he has lessons to teach at nine. Between nine and one-thirty I have the house to myself to do as I please. This may sound harsh to some, but when your husband retires after working twelve-hour and sometimes longer days, it’s a bit of a shock to the system and daily routine you’ve developed over the years.

Yeah, I know, it’s been almost three years ago, but my system hasn’t quite recovered yet. I don’t feel bad saying this because I’m pretty sure when I’m out of the house all day on Thursdays he’s feeling the same way.

The majority of that day he’s sitting with his feet up watching tv without interruption and eating whatever he pleases with no, “Don’t eat that. It’s not good for you”, as background noise.

How do I know this? Well, look around. The newspaper is still in the same place on the floor by his chair as it was when I left, with his empty coffee cup and juice glass resting on the side table. His shoes are still under the coffee table and not on his feet, and his jacket is unhung. No, he hasn’t strayed too far from that recliner. But, I can see evidence of food having been prepared in the kitchen, so I know he didn’t starve while I was away.

When I casually ask what he did all day he mumbles something about blowing the pine needles off the carport and driveway. (Fifteen minutes max) “I cleaned the kitchen and swept the house.”

Whatever he cleaned in the kitchen was his mess because I left it clean. Plus, his idea of cleaning the kitchen and my idea of cleaning the kitchen are two different things and there is about an hour difference in the time it takes – his being less. I will give him credit for sweeping because he usually does, though how can you be sure unless you left an unusual amount of debris on the floor. This is his way of pulling the wool over my eyes. I leave it at that. One day he will get the urge to clean out that work room. I can always hope.

I don’t begrudge this time alone he has because I cherish mine. I do take advantage of this time to get something done without interruption because sometimes I see him eyeing me when I’m actually working on my phone – yes, that can be done – and he thinks I’m playing. Right now I’m working by writing this post on my phone. He doesn’t include WordPress as work.

But, unlike H, I do have a to-do list in no particular order:

  • Write a post for WordPress
  • Organize the fabric boxes in the closet
  • Clean the Philadelphia room
  • Drop off two packages at the post office
  • Write another chapter for book (falling out of bed)
  • Research Andrews computer problem

But there’s no pressure, I’m on no time frame. If it gets done, great. If not, there’s always next Saturday – except for Andrew’s computer. I need to do that ASAP!

I can check this post off my list!


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