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These boots aren’t made for walking…

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These boots aren’t made for walking…

Nike pulled the plug on a pair of shoes featuring the Betsy Ross flag that offended one man and in return, Nike offended many.

What’s the world coming to when a pair of shoes is the offender?

Now here are some offensive shoes! On the other hand – maybe they are just weird.

Never leave home without a spare pair of choppers!

When you want smelly feet…

I’d be slapping that hand away all day!


Don’t mess with me!

Wannabe ballerina

Be careful. Don’t slip!

Always ready for a swim!

When you have chicken legs, wear chicken feet!

Race ya!

Take your pet to work day…

Never leave home without your lunch!

Can you come up with better captions?


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Too Many Books, Too Little Time

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

I posted about this earlier on my author Facebook page. It’s true. I have an addiction.

Whenever a title or blurb from a new book catches my eye I go with it. That’s not entirely true – it could be an old book. I love older publications and classics as well.

It’s so easy to acquire these books on electronic devices since I can order in a flash on Amazon. Before I can blink, the coveted book is in my possession!

What am I thinking when I hit that BUY NOW button? Do I think there are more hours in the day, more free time on my hands? I want more, more, more! The solution? Acquire more books!

Don’t get me wrong. I do read a lot of those books that I just have to have. It’s mostly on Audible though. It was a great day when I learned I could multitask while also reading.

I can sew and read, drive and read, ride and read, do housework and read, and do laundry and read. I can even pretend to be watching TV with H and read.

I haven’t mastered reading and writing so my writing time suffers because of it. I do have a clean house and my laundry is done!

I have about 450 books on my kindle and 278 titles on my Audible app. I also have stacks of physical books stashed throughout the house. It’s as though I’m stocking up for some kind of disaster.

I hope when it hits we still have electricity! I’ll need power to keep all the electronics going or I’ll need a candle to read by.


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