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The Hazard Of Putting Up A Christmas Tree And How To Avoid It

The Hazard Of Putting Up A Christmas Tree And How To Avoid It

I know Christmas is coming – every year – same time, same place. But I’m never completely prepared. I used to love to put up my tree when the kids were little. Everyone helped. Hot chocolate and popcorn was made and ornaments were fought over or broken, tears were shed, then replaced with smiles and laughter. It was a fun experience.

Now it’s just Harry, Andrew, and me to decorate for. Andrew flits in and out quickly, between semesters. But if I didn’t decorate for the holidays I would be sad and I hope they would be too. Sometimes I wonder.

To put up a tree now, I have to go to the storage unit to find it. I’m pretty sure I know exactly where it is in that mess of a storage unit. Someone has to keep inventory and since I’m the keeper of all things, that would be me, but I do not – I repeat – I do not take credit for the state of this storage unit. H is the culprit. The words I use when faced with this dilemma can not be printed here. This instead:


The tree box is standing in the right front corner, with some bed parts leaned up against it, which you can see after you move the stack of never-to-be-used-again vinyl albums and some sort of mechanical part to something, off the top of Andrews chest of drawers which stands in the doorway because there is no more room, and then you can move the chest of drawers out of the doorway, so you can move the bed parts away from the box, so you can pull the tree box out of the corner and then shove the chest of drawers back in and re-stack the albums and the mechanical part on top of it, so you can, using great strength, close the door and lock it. Did I use too many commas – or not enough? Sentence structure does not apply in this situation. Now the box of decorations I can get to easily enough. I put them in Andrews storage unit. It’s nice and orderly and not junked up. I can open the door, walk in, and pick up the box. No shoving and pulling, or rearranging and cursing. I cringe every time H says we may have to put something in Andrews storage unit. I’ve dared him to do it.

I could string lights around this pile of boxes H moved to the living room, two weeks ago, and hasn’t sorted through yet. I guess it’s the thought that counts? I’m probably giving him too much credit though.

Pile of boxes After this year I intend to store the Christmas tree in Andrews unit. He won’t mind. That way I won’t be so stressed out about having to get to it and wonder, what’s the point? After I get the tree up it’s all worth the trouble it took! Nothing is more comforting than sitting curled up with a good book in the dark with the tree lights on. (On my kindle of course. I don’t have night vision!)

Have you done your Holiday decorating? ~Elle


Cluttered Minds Want To Know

Cluttered Minds Want To Know

In a hurry to get off to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, my mind was wandering and I put anti- frizz cream on my face this morning. Now if I was sporting a full beard that might have been ok. I’m not…

I’ve put a dozen eggs in the freezer, milk in the cabinet, and a book in the microwave.

I’ve found countless cups of coffee in the microwave that were put there to reheat and then forgotten.

Speaking of forgetting, I made a huge pot of seafood gumbo one evening and left it on the stove to cool before putting it in the fridge. The next day – and I’m not talking morning – I found it still on the stove top. It was plenty cool by then, don’t you think?

I continuously rethink the reason of why I walked into a room. Was I after a specific item or just wandering listlessly through the house?

On any given day I ask myself, “Where’s my kindle, my glasses, my scissors? Where did I leave my glass of OJ?”

I’m hoping this is all because I multitask too much. My mind is whirring a mile a minute. It could be because I’m getting older. We all do…

What item of yours have you found in a peculiar place?


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