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WordPress Mobile App Issues

WordPress Mobile App Issues

How many of you use the WordPress mobile app? I must admit – I use my WordPress mobile app consistently, to check my stats, answer comments, and write my weekly blog posts. I love it. It’s great!


Why can’t I read a whole post from my WordPress mobile ap reader? I’m thinking this is when I come across a reblog on a site I follow. I get drawn in and then there’s that light blue phrase – VIEW ORIGINAL POST 188 more words (more or less). 

The blue color of the text gives you the impression of a link to be clicked to take you to the writer’s site. That doesn’t happen and tapping on the title or bloggers name brings no results either. It’s very frustrating to read partial blogs. I have to make up my own endings! 

No amount of googling has found me the answer to this dilemma. 

There’s also a like and comment button at the bottom right of the partial content that probably belongs to the blogger who you are following. I never know if I hit that like button if the blogger actually gets notification I liked his content or if I’m just another number in the count. 

I’m also having an issue with liking blogs I follow from my email or on Facebook. I usually am taken to a page to sign into WordPress and then I can like and comment on the post. Today, I haven’t even had that option. 

By posting this rant, I’m going to either get a technical answer, I can’t understand, to this problem, or comments from others in the same predicament. But at least I got it off my chest! 





What offends you? I don’t get into political battles or disagreements on my blog. But that question right there could stir up a hornets nest! 

Everyone seems to want to jump on the band wagon these days. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you turn on the news, open the paper, or scroll through social media you are bombarded with someone or some group offended by someone or something! It’s a nightmare! 

If I share something on Facebook that isn’t agreed upon by all my friends there’s inevitably a comment of sorts with bad language that I really don’t want on my page. Yes, I’ve deleted a few comments recently and now I’m very careful not to voice my opinion or post anything political. No likes, no shares, no comments. Mums the word. 

That’s not easily done though because whether my post is political or not, someone will make it political. They read between the lines, behind the lines, in front of the lines, and insert what they see, making a mountain out of a molehill! 

You know what offends me? Young men and sometimes grown adults wearing their pants low enough to show their boxers. I thought that trend had died out, but evidently not yet…Now let’s see if someone can make that a political statement. 

What offends you that’s not political? 


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