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When You Are In A Conundrum

When You Are In A Conundrum

Apple has this nifty little thing on their iPhones called screen time. It makes you aware of how much time you’ve spent on your phone each day. It’s not really all that nifty – it’s scary to realize how much time I have spent on social media broken down into each app installed on my phone.

What they should have is an app designed to tell me how much time I’ve spent trying to fix an uncooperative phone.

Have you ever had a technical problem with your phone or computer?

  • Facebook won’t connect to your photos.
  • Printer won’t connect to your computer.
  • Phone won’t connect to your WiFi.
  • Smart TV won’t connect to WiFi.

After consulting too many articles of quick fixes, it finally hits me to turn my phone, WiFi, or computer off for a few minutes and then turn it back on. That usually results in a more cooperative piece of technology.

No one tells you to do that though. I’m telling you. Try it next time you’re in a conundrum.

I could go on and on.

  • Photos won’t send from iPhone to android…

OOPS…I haven’t found anything to fix that problem except wait until my iPhone decides it’s time to quit fooling around! It usually take a few hours.


Avoiding The Tilt paperback-

Avoiding The Tilt Kindle-



I recently called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) because I was having issues with my book cover on their cover creator. I had to google a phone number because I couldn’t find one listed on my KDP account.

When I called the first number that popped up a man answered with a foreign accent. I explained my situation and he told me that Amazon is now charging to publish books. He needed payment before he could help me.


I’ve published three books with Amazon. The third will be live June 25th. I knew this to be false. At least I was pretty sure it wasn’t true. He said they had just changed their policy yesterday.


I had gotten no email about this and had not heard any talk of it in the indie author forums I follow. These people would know!

He asked me to pay $49.99 with a google play card for a one year payment.

I told him to hold his breath – it would be arriving shortly.

Yeah, right!

I hung up and continued my search for the correct number for KDP.

Hope he has turned blue by now!

I did relate my experience to the guy who answered at Amazon. He didn’t seem too worried.

The girl from KDP who helped me with my cover-related problem was in awe at what had happened. BTW – she walked me quickly through my technical problem with no glitches – and didn’t charge me! Ha!

KDP has amazing customer service. They were not connected to this phone scam in any way.

I’ve been seeing a lot in the news about scams related to google play cards. They always involved calls to your phone from deadbeats wanting to scam you out of your hard earned cash. A lot of older people have fallen for these scams.

Once they have you convinced you owe them money or owe for a service they ask you to pay quickly with a google play card. You give them the numbers from the card and they use it to purchase other gift cards online that can not be traced. It all happens in a matter of minutes.

Wouldn’t it be funny if people gave them fake numbers? I have half a mind to have some numbers handy for the next time they think they are going to play me for a fool!

You can read more about these scams here.

Most people receive these calls. I had to be different and call them! I searched again this morning and the number I called has been removed.

Beware! It’s a mad, mad, world! This is a public service message…


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