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Why Your Author Blog is Stuck & What To DO

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Great advice here from Kristin Lamb on author blogs. There is a difference you know,  between bloggers and author bloggers. ~Elle

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Mike Licht Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Mike Licht

Ah the blog. Some of you might perk up at the word. Others? Blog sounds like some radioactive creature that hatched from a meteor and is only there to feed. Feed on your energy, your hopes and your dreams.

Many writers start the blog with high hopes, then a few months in? You can’t bear to go to your computer because the screen is a reminder of that shiny blog you started…then abandoned to the spam bots.

A blog done properly is one of the most powerful tools in our social media arsenal.

Twitter could flitter and Facebook could face plant, but the blog will remain. In fact, blogs have been going strong since the 90s and have taken over much of what used to be the sole territory of traditional media outlets. Additionally, blogging is the only form of social…

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I’ve had this gnawing thought in the back of my mind for a few weeks now. Sadly, even though it has slowed down quite a bit, Reblog Wednesday is still up there on a tab on my site. Right up above you in the header if you are reading this in its full form on your computer. The mobile view doesn’t show it – not on my phone anyway. You can also find it by clicking on the highlighted link in this paragraph.

It’s partly my fault, I’m sure. Yes, I’ve posted your reblogs when I’ve gotten notice and sometimes I’ve had to dig for those notices, but they are there. I feel most of my rebloggers  have gotten as busy as I have. I haven’t lost interest –  I’ve lost time. I haven’t had much time to post many originals of my own and with that comes not much time to read your original posts either. You all know you have to read to be able to reblog, don’t you? And most importantly you must read to be able to write!

My partial solution to this little problem is to reblog some of my personal favorites of my own essays that have drawn the most interest. I’ll be taking them out of the attic and dusting off the cobwebs. This should add a bit of time to my writing calendar so I won’t feel guilty about not working on my book(s).

Why don’t you do the same? Reblog some of your older posts and link back to me. I’ll put them up on your reblog page. Hey…a reblog is a reblog!


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