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Marching Bands In Competition

Marching Bands In Competition

It’s been a long while since we had to get up early to go to a marching festival. Heck, it’s been a long while since we actually had to set an alarm! But H is an adjudicator for a marching festival today so we are on the road again.

I had to pay to get in. Gone are the times I could walk in as a chaperone, slipping through the gate, sporting the bands logo. I don’t mind though. Those band parents work hard for money to support their school’s music program.

I’ve forgotten how hot it can be at marching festivals. My memory is clearing. There is no breeze what-so-ever. Of course it can be cold too. I can remember the times we had to have hand warmers in our pockets to keep from freezing and hot coffee and hot chocolate could be purchased at the concession.

The restrooms – or lack of in this case – were disappointing. There were three stalls of which one was not in working order, no ventilation, not even a small window, and no mirror. The latter was not a problem. At this point I didn’t really want to see what I looked like, and any lipstick applied would melt off quickly in this heat. Sharing these facilities with seventeen marching bands and spectators was not pleasant.

Smallest band on the field – 14 members

Largest band on the field – 300+ members

When Amie was in band and Jessie was little I would bring a supply of coloring books, crayons, and pencils to keep her entertained. She was happy as a clam sitting under my legs on those nasty cement bleachers doing artwork and eating popcorn.

Fried Oreo’s must have been the featured sweet of the day because they were constantly plugging them. I don’t know about you, but Oreo’s fried in hot grease does not sound appetizing.

Fried Oreos Not my cup of tea!

After the long hot day, and a two hour drive home, I’ve come to the conclusion that watching marching bands compete is not nearly exciting as when you have one of your own in the ranks…


So What’s Your Excuse? 

So What’s Your Excuse? 

I’m not political. H is. He’s been glued to the television set throughout this long election ordeal, seldom coming up for air. 

The Trump/Hillary situation takes top priority around the country but then there’s also the local or not-so-local situations to consider. 

H is taking politicing a step further, since his retirement from teaching, and is out there in the mainstream with the best of them for Walton County, Florida. That stand in itself, says more than you’d think. 

He’s retired from teaching in Walton County and we live in Okaloosa County – meaning we can’t vote in Walton County. That doesn’t stop him and he’s off to hand out brochures, put out signs, and talk up his candidate of choice, whether he can cast his vote or not, dragging me along behind him. 

And I use drag lightly because like I said, I’m not very political and usually keep my ideas on the subject to myself, not voicing my opinion, especially to strangers. 

Today we stumbled upon a first as H was combing the streets for Walton County residents, in need of having their ear turned to help them in their voting decision, on the right candidate for Walton County Schools superintendent. 

Now we’ve come across a lot of excuses for not voting in this election, and some are completely legitimate – don’t live in the County , convicted felons can’t vote, and not registered. Then H starts up a conversation with this nice lady but she doesn’t vote because of biblical reasons. 

Hmmm? I’ve never heard this one before but I bet some of you have…


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