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Hoping For A Diamond In The Rough

Hoping For A Diamond In The Rough

As you can see from these pictures we have a little bit of everything out in the workroom. Inherited from H’s dad, it holds memories and tools from your basic screwdriver, old oil pumps, old carbetators for long-gone cars, and a hand held drill. 

We even have an outboard motor. It’s vintage. It’s seen better days. Does it work? I doubt it. 

If I had a nickel for every screwdriver cluttering up Dad’s Workroom, I’d be rich. I should hold a contest and the winner gets to keep the extras – which are – believe me – a lot! 

Need a screw? We got you covered. Some tangled wiring? We have enough to circle the globe. A measuring cup for anything not consumable is in your face every time you open the door. Extra license plates for your car are available if you need one, or two, or three…

Two vintage chest of drawers I’d love to refurbish, but as always there is no room in this small house for more furniture. 

This nice little drawer thingy would make a great piece to store threads and bobbins in or even some of my writing tools. What it holds now? I’m afraid to open it! 

H is finally cleaning out the workroom. He keeps more than I think he needs to keep. It’s junk to me. Memories to him. As long as he keeps hauling the boxes of goods to the outside storage shed we finally got erected, I don’t care. Anything he puts in there I don’t have to look at. 

I should have take some before pictures. These are before the finished project, but after the beginning. Huge difference already. We can see the floor. Maybe we’ll find something of monetary value. 

It’s been a long time coming so I’m not complaining…





I was excited when H pulled his tools out and stated he was going to actually put up that closet door in the Philadelphia room. Oh, good! When Andrew comes home he won’t feel as though he’s sleeping in the closet, since that’s the room he likes to sleep in.

Two weeks later when he finally began the task, I was even more excited. You’ve got to understand. H doesn’t get in a hurry when it comes to working on this house.

The closet door had been leaning up against the wall in Andrew’s room for about three years and was going to finally have a place to call home. A friend had replaced some doors in her house and asked me if I wanted it because she knew we had begun renovating this small house. Of course I wanted it! Doors aren’t cheap and this one came with the frame and all its facings.

H asked me why she was replacing that door with another one because there wasn’t a thing wrong with this one. I told him I wasn’t sure. “People with money replace things and upgrade even when it’s not needed. They get a hankering for something new.” So from that whim, we benefitted, and have a free door to hang.

The door opening for our closets go all the way to the ceiling and it’s too expensive to have custom doors made to fit so we have to fill the top portion in with sheetrock and finish it. I wanted transom windows above the closet doors, but H didn’t like that idea because he said it would look like the men’s bathroom at the bus station! I think he just doesn’t want to tackle that project.transom-window

Now, it’s a week later and the door is up – sorta. The facings aren’t  yet attached and we had to make another trip to Lowes today to get narrower facings for the inside of the closet. I could go into Lowes and buy three pieces of wood and some finishing nails in less than twenty minutes, with one cash register lane opened. H can do it in just under two hours. It’s fair to say I’m the winner in this race. Where’s my prize?

While I stuffed inserts into four bolsters – which isn’t an easy task – H stood and contemplated for forty minutes about what the next step was going to be to put the facings up.

When I whined about it taking him so long to do that door, he said, “I’m not a woodworking kind of guy. I have to think about what I’m going to do.”

In that case he should just step back and let me do it myself. I do believe I could hang a door. It’s a lot like sewing and I’ve gone through the process before of building a house – just not with him, so he doesn’t quite believe I know what I’m talking about when I give him my handy-dandy construction tips.

When I complained some more about all the repairs and remodeling we had to do in this house, he said, “Why do you get in such a hurry?”

“Because I’d like to enjoy it finished for a while before I die!”


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