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It’s hard to believe Mother and Daddy pulled an eight by forty-foot two bedroom trailer, behind a truck with a Vernon-built camper built onto the bed, for four thousand-forty miles, with four children in tow – children ranging in ages from two to six. The trip began on June 17, 1959 at six o’clock a.m., with one thousand dollars in cash and a credit card.

In my mother’s words – January, 1959 – I am sure choosing the spot of land you raise your family on, is important to every young couple. Somehow, it seemed to be so important to us two years ago, when we left the sunny south for this great north land, that all the hard work and trials and tribulations, didn’t seem important at all. Now I wonder how we could have been so blind…





Helena and her husband Jim have three grown children, their second grandchild on the way, and a strong thirty-year marriage. At least that is what Helena’s family and her best friend Gabby presume.

However, when Jim begins spending more and more time at work with Lori Walters, his new assistant, and arrives home way too late at night for Helena to be comfortable, she starts to dig. And what she uncovers alarms her. Jim, a closet narcissist, (scoring eleven out of fourteen qualifying points) is in denial, and their marriage is failing because of it. All this chaos in her life makes it hard for Helena to concentrate on her business as a decorator and furniture refinisher as she slowly unravels incriminating evidence against him.

Helena must hire a new contractor to help her with the latest project she undertakes, and Wayne comes into her life, adding a sweet twist to the mystery. Hot flashes and anxiety attacks are almost too much for Helena to handle as she tries to find the best way to deal with Jim, Wayne, and her stressed marriage.

As Helena struggles to keep her marriage intact, and her feelings for Wayne buried deep inside, her best friend is in need of her assistance in another state, and her daughter is due to deliver the new baby any day. Helena wrestles with her conscience to determine who needs her most, pushing her own needs aside.





Leo thinks Evie is controlling. He realized this when he retired a few years earlier than expected. Evie thinks Leo needs a hobby – one that won’t irritate the neighbors – or her. She realized this when he retired and invaded her space. Willie Lump-Lump takes it all in stride.

Then there is a wayward daughter and a neighbor whose hoarding of all things unnecessary closely resembles Leo’s way of thinking. What’s Evie to do to get her life back in order…



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