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Trudy – Rendezvous En New York

Take a trip with Trudy at her site and get to know the in’s and out’s of the greatest places to see in New York. Fabulous pictures and fabulous places to experience through her eyes!


  1. Trudy re-blogged…  I like the tone used in the post and even though its happened in Hong Kong, I think the situation relates to any big city with swarms of people and modern cynicism.
  2. Trudy re-blogged…  the writer also writes about her trials of finding eligible men and dating. Its called New York Cliche , she’s honest in her descriptions.
  3. This post has all the emotions a person can contain, anger, fear, outrage, frustration, love, resignation, and desperation. It reminded me of past relationships that didn’t serve me and now I realize it quicker than ever before.
  4. My reblog this week is from Michelle Weber one of the Happiness Engineers in Blogging University her blog is titled and the post is .
    Enjoy! And also my blog is
  5. Thus is my submission for #reblogwednesday
    Beat Back the Blogging Blues –
  6. My submission is from the blog New York Cliche, which documents Mary Lane’s life as a transplant in New York, and this post is one about her dating and the trials of being single in NYC. I loved it, funny and I learned a new term “ghosting” .
  7. My #reblogWednesday submission is actually a “freshly pressed” post pic. It was speaking about things that I feel are very important and addressed it from a bystanders point of view and saying being a silent bystander isn’t enough anymore and doesn’t absolve you from responsibility. It’s from the blog, “Cute girl with a banjo”
  8. People are being called the dreaded term “refugees” to diminish their humanity , while they’re running for their lives from wars, murder, rape and famine. The struggle of some of those people is documented in this post on the blog Janey in Mersin #reblogWednesday
  9. This week for #ReblogWednesday I am submitting a post from a very popular blogger Opinionated Man from Harsh Reality, this post is about him trying to find his sister. I can imagine his anguish and I know this weighs heavy on his mind even though he doesn’t dwell on it. Please everyone who sees this reblog it and maybe she’ll reach out to him. She might not even know that he’s looking for her.
  10. Ok, trying to get back on track with #reblogWednesday and this week is a sweet post from a fellow blogger who is celebrating his anniversary. I’m not totally bitter yet. True North –

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