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Queen Of Google

Queen Of Google

I don’t know when it happened but I seem to have acquired the title of “Queen Of Google“. At least, I sometimes feel like the queen.

When my son calls unexpectedly in the middle of the day…

My son called me yesterday…out of the blue…when I knew he was busy working a band camp in south Florida…



“SC called and asked if I would be able to drive the band truck and they need a copy of my driving record.”

I think that’s what he said because he caught me off guard. While I was trying to concentrate and listen to him part of my mind was drifting off to the worst case scenarios. He’s sick, had an accident, has no money… Thankfully, that wasn’t the case – except maybe the money part.

Well, I worked my magic and googled “how to get a copy of your driving record”, because I’d never had that question arise before. For good measure, I called my daughter who sells insurance, and asked her.

Then I googled the DMV for a phone number and talked to someone there. I was given info and a website to download a form and the cost.

I wrote it all down in a text and sent it on it’s way to Andrew. It’s now in his court.

What would we do without google?

Numerous times during the day I find myself faced with a question I don’t have the answer to or my curiosity is taunted by something I’ve read or experienced.

  • Need a recipe for that dinner you really don’t want to cook? Google it.
  • What’s the name of that plant with the yellow blooms and purple berries my mother-in-law called the LSU plant? Googled it.
  • My grandchildren are visiting. What to do with all those mindless hours? Google activities for children in your area.
  • Watching an old movie on tv? Google that actor who has you mesmerized.
  • I needed the size of a twin bed last week. What did I do? I googled it.

Who keeps all this info cluttering up the brain when the answer is a couple of clicks away? Google does. The possibilities are endless!

But be careful of what you google because anything you google will show up as a sponsored ad in your Facebook newsfeed for the next six months!

Those pants I googled last week are still following me around. Thanks Kate!



4 things that irked me today

4 things that irked me today

Irk is a funny sounding word. It means to irritate, annoy, or exasperate. These are the things that irked me today. They also annoyed me and exasperated me.

  • What are you doing? H asks this question too many times during the day. After almost three years of retirement he should realize I “do things.” “I’m sewing.” “I’m working .” “I’m writing.” I’m doing something to this hair!” Really? Do I have to give an explanation every time?
  • Waiting on H to go to the gym. I think it was almost three pm when we finally went to the gym today. If I was working on my schedule, the gym would be first on my list, and then I could come home and get the rest of my day started. It seems I’m working on his schedule now.
  • Vrrroom Vrrroom! My house is not going to fall apart if I do not vacuum every day. When I least expect it, the vacuum cleaner starts up with H behind the wheel. Up and down the hall, under my chair, and in the corners as I’m trying to concentrate. Yes, I appreciate the help, but there is plenty for you to take care of in the yard. I think he is procrastinating that yard work.
  • Having my phone calls and texts ignored. I should be used to this by now. I don’t even remember why I called or texted Andrew so it must have not been an emergency. To be honest, he did answer one text, but when I replied back saying I had tried to call him twice, I received no acknowledgement. He’s a busy, busy guy!

Now that I’ve vented I should be feeling better. Right?


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