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The Secret To Finding More Time On Your Hands

The Secret To Finding More Time On Your Hands

As a fairly new author, I have researched hundreds of ways to be consistent in the art of self-publishing, marketing, staying on top of social media – and still find a block of time to write. It’s even harder if you hold down a paying job at the same time. 

Recently, I read an article (because I’m always reading those articles) that explained exactly why some authors are engaged favorably on all social media with tons of comments and followers while others struggle to rise to the top. Writing good content is a surefire means of drawing a crowd, but you still have to get your name and content in the eyes of the public. The only way for a self-published author to do this is on social media. 

The great authors who have been around for a time have made their name and platform known well before social media was King. They already had dedicated followers who grabbed their books off the shelves as soon as they hit the bookstores. Then the digital age arrived and e-books were the norm with Amazon hitting the market hard. It was then easier for these authors when social media took control of our lives, to waltz right in and jump on board the social media train – starting at the top of the charts. 

Seriously, how many well known authors do you follow on social media? I, for one, follow many of my favorites as do millions of readers and authors. I’ve read tons of their books and now, through social media, I can know their story. I keep hoping I will also find their secret to success! 

Unlike little-known author’s as myself, these authors already had a following. Their books are selling in the millions and reviews are not rare on Amazon in this digital age. They engage with their readers regularly with ease and still have the time to knock out a book or two – sometimes more – each year. 

I’ll be honest with you. I struggle. I struggle with social media in all forms. Each one has a learning curve and there is so much information on the internet it’s hard to consume all that I need to know. What’s right? What’s wrong? There never seems to be enough time. If I cut back will I be forgotten? What works for others doesn’t always work for me. There is no magic number of posts, no magic words in a magic order. I know. I’m whining. 

Consistency helps but after all the consistency I’m putting in on social media, I’m burned out on the writing of my newest book. I’m constantly telling myself, “tomorrow’s another day.” Then “tomorrow” comes and the social media game starts all over again. 

I can break down my social media following into three groups –  

1) fellow bloggers

2) family/friends

3) fans/random readers

The majority of those following on my blog are also bloggers from group # 1 and my numbers increase weekly as long as I’m posting regularly and interacting on other blogs. 

Most of my friends and family haven’t quite figured out the blogging business. They read of course because they come across my blog posts by following me on Facebook through my personal or author FB page and Instagram. That takes care of group # 2.

Group # 3 is a smaller but very welcomed number. These numbers include most of my Twitter followers along with LinkedIn and Goodreads. Some have also clicked to follow along on Facebook and my blog. 

I also struggle with marketing and advertising. It’s not easy to ask of strangers even if you are certain your writing won’t disappoint. 


This line gets old after awhile – to yourself and to the public. 

I knew self-publishing wouldn’t be a piece of cake when I started this adventure. My head was in the clouds though and I believed I was above the rat race of struggling artists. I wrote a book and published. Then I wrote another book and published. Of course there was three years, a partially lost manuscript, and a lot of hard work between the publications. 

Now I’m working on another book but I find there is no time. I know from reading (those articles again) that the more publications with good content you get out to your readers, the better chance you have of climbing higher on the ladder to success. 

I must back away a bit from social media if I want to get this next book finished. This result will be I may not be seen as often on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Instagram….. Have I forgotten any? There are soooooo many. Will anyone notice? Will anyone miss me? 

I most definitely will have to play catch-up when I jump into the social media pool again, but I’m hoping it will be worth it.

My blog will be more consistent than my other social media posts so stay tuned….


Contest Winners Announced Today! And The Winners Are…

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Everyone’s a winner! Yes, that’s right. You heard me correctly…  After having run the contest for almost a month the ending date is finally here. Where Oh Where Does The Story Line Go From Here? Comments Please! I received lots of comments – but they were from family. Sorry, no winners there! 😦 They have to respond! I would do the same for my family. Just write that book and I’ll be there for ya…! 🙂

There were lots of likes and I acquired many new followers on my blog and some likes on Crossing The Line Facebook page. Thanks so much for that! No one should go home empty handed so I have decided to make Crossing The Line e-book available for $.99 for 3 days. It will be available for this price on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords until midnight Monday night. (May 27, 2013) Nook and Smashwords already has the new price set but it may be a few more hours until it shows up on Kindle. Please be patient. I have no control over the way they do things and if it takes too long I will be sure to make it available for 3 full days.

I learned something from having this contest – contests don’t always work as a way of promoting your book – not in sales anyway. I got myself out there though and learned that the hard part of self publishing is not only writing the book.  There is a vast amount of time spent in the editing, publishing, and promoting…promoting…promoting! It is sometimes an uphill battle that never stops. One day I will hit it just right and – BAMM! everything will fall into place. I have lots of faith.

The sequel to Crossing The Line – What Line – which is what this contest was all about – is in the works and hopefully I will be through writing it in a few months. Then the process will start all over again.

Enjoy the special pricing of Crossing The Line at $.99 for a few days on e-book and if you already have it share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media you prefer! Thanks again for following.


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