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Blog Growth Hack: A Cheat Sheet for Getting More Followers

Janice is right once again. Re-blogging great articles can cause your blog to grow – and that’s a good thing! I’ve picked Wednesday to be my regular re-blog day, but also re-blog when I come across a good article as this one. I usually go into my post after I re-blog and add tags because when you re-blog no tags are attached to your posts. I also add links to the re-blogged site, and sometimes the authors about page. It’s these little tricks that get you noticed. Once again, an excellent post Janice. Thank you! ~Elle


Reblogging will increase your blog traffic. Reblogging accomplishes the same goal as guest posting but is much faster.

You know what to do, right?  You’ve heard it many times before.

If you want to get more eyes on your blog, you should guest post.

For years now, much has been written over the value of guest posting.  If you want to increase your visibility, guest posting is the answer.

This post is going to challenge the value of guest posting and explain a much quicker way to accomplish the same purpose to get more visibility to your content and increase your readership.

By the end of the post, you will receive an action plan for getting more followers right away.

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There’s a lot of advice out there in the cyber world – advice on health, sickness, love, money, and how to create a blog that’s to die for, with the readership in the gazillions.

Whether you are blogging for pleasure or blogging to promote you want those stats on the high-end of the range.

Is my blog for pleasure or promotion? I’m not sure. I started blogging for promotion because that is what I read I am supposed to do when publishing my book, ‘Crossing The Line’. See, there it is with a clickable cover over to the right on my sidebar. Believe me that scared me to death. I had no idea what to write about so my first blog post was about social media and writing and I tended to move in that direction for a while with my following posts.

I later began to venture into writing more about my life – what it was, what it is, and what I wanted it to be. I threw in some stories about my family because they make my life interesting and sometimes funny. I can do that because it’s my blog, therefore, they can’t stop me. 😉

I have a few tips of my own I’ve put into action and noticed my readership has spiked in the past few months. Even though I have only 400+ followers it makes me happy to see my stats rise each day bit-by-bit. Who wouldn’t?

  1. BE CONSISTENT –  Start-stop, start-stop is not a good thing. Don’t post seven days in a row and then stop for a month. You don’t even have to post seven days in a row or every day – all day. You could burn out quite easily like that. Most readers like consistency and enjoyy knowing when to expect you to appear. I try to post at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Wednesday being my re-blog day. (Here’s the link to my #reblogwednesday event if you’re interested. I’d love to have you on board.) On a good week I post on all weekdays and leave my weekends free.
  2. BE OBSERVANT – Take notice what time your posts are usually read and commented on the most and post on or before that time. I’ve noticed if I schedule my posts for 5:00am I get the most traffic. Take advantage of that scheduling option on your dashboard. It’s a lifesaver! I’m sure not getting up out of my warm bed at the crack of dawn to post.
  3. LIKE, COMMENT, AND FOLLOW – I cannot stress this enough. The more you follow this advice, the better your readership will be. Interact with other bloggers through comments on their sites and interact with the readers who respond to your posts. Start a conversation. It’s really not that big of a deal and feeds your blog profusely. I know this takes a considerable amount of your time, but you can’t expect others to do for you what you won’t do for them.
  4. GIVE THE READERS WHAT THEY WANT – Now this is what I’m not absolutely sure of. My stats run high sometimes from humor to advice, but not always consistently. I’m going to add a little poll to this post and ask you – my readers – what you would like to see more of on my site. It will just take a minute to vote so don’t sign off till you do! And please comment in my comment section if you have more to say on the subject! 😉

Getting you readership up and your name out there in the blogging world is a process and you have to take it one baby step at a time. This is what’s working for me at the moment. It may work for you – it may not. If you pay attention, you can figure out what’s right for your blog and then follow through.




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