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Weathering The Storm

Weathering The Storm

Once again we are awaiting a storm to descend upon us – Hurricane Michael. We’ve stocked up on water, and canned goods, batteries for our flashlights and gas in our vehicles. We’ve stashed some cash and charged up all our electronics. And now we wait…

We’ve been keeping watch since Sunday morning and decided to stock up on a few things Monday afternoon – about twenty-four hours too late to purchase the good stuff. Instead of packets of tuna and salmon and boxes of crackers, we ended up with Spam and Beanee Weenee’s and potatoes chips.

You would think we would have learned to shop earlier by now. The shelves were rapidly becoming bare.

We had to go to three stores to find bottled water. People were out in droves pulling cases of water off the shelves and loading their shopping carts. They get crazy about water at times like this, even though the only water they usually drink is when the ice melts in their drink!

I try not to get too worked up over these storm warnings. I told H it is probably because I have no young children around I have to tend to in case of a crisis, such as loosing power. Children don’t fare too well without their tv in times like this. Card games and board games are a thing of the past. They need their electronic fix 24/7. I’m happy with a book and a flashlight.

I was talking to a friend of mine on text earlier who evacuated because she was closer to the projected path than we were. She said to excuse her typos because she was typing fast and furious this morning to concerned friends and family. We were amazed at how many acquaintances come out of the woodwork when they think you are in danger.

To be honest, I appreciate all the calls and messages and thoughts and prayers for our safety. As much as I badmouth Facebook, it does come in handy at a time like this – as long as I have power and my phone is charged. See – I’m addicted to my electronics too!

It’s been raining here since midnight last night and we’ve gotten some strong gusts but the majority of the storm, they say is the worst one to hit the Florida Panhandle, is to the east of us.

It seems we’ve dodged the bullet again. Michael made landfall about 1.5 hours to the east of us and is continuing to wreak havoc, but in our part of the world, it’s just another storm.

Anyone need any Beanee Weenee’s or Spam?


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