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Halfway To Nowhere

Halfway To Nowhere

H was on the phone telling someone the directions to our house. He always  seems to use the hard way around when he gives directions. But when I heard him say the turn was about four and a half lights, I knew he had lost it. 

After he finished his call, I asked him, “Exactly, what is four and a half lights? What constitutes a half light?”

He replied as though I should know the obvious. “It’s halfway to the fifth light.”

This comes from a man who tells me to go east for half a block and then head north, or go south for about sixty miles and then turn west at the 3rd exit. 

I need rights and lefts – and landmarks. An exit number would also be nice. How about you? 

Where is that fifth light anyway? How far away? By the time you get to it you’ve gone too far! 


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