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Unexplained purchases may come back to haunt you

Unexplained purchases may come back to haunt you


What do you do when your husband leaves at 4:30 am to hunt? My first thought is it’s too early to get up because it’s still dark outside. That leaves me one of three choices.


  1. Close my eyes and sleep for a few more hours.
  2. Bake those three loaves of banana bread I need for tomorrow.
  3. Research YouTube videos about the Cricut Explore Air 2.

You guessed it! The best answer to that question is #1. But after tossing and turning for thirty minutes, fretting over whether I had made a good decision about my recent purchase, I relented and chose #3. That banana bread can wait. Sleep will come when I least expect it.

I bought this nifty little machine yesterday, and frankly, it scares the heck out of me. I’m using that word, nifty, very loosely because I have yet to connect the power cord and turn on the switch to see what this baby can do.

So pretty and shiny!

What was I thinking? Like I really need another project to undertake. There was a great sale! What’s a girl to do? I figured I could cut out appliqués for some of the pillows I design for my etsy shop. After watching a few videos I realized there is just so much more I can do with this new piece of equipment. The endless possibilities are overwhelming. Where do I start?

I can see it sitting there in all its glory, right where I left it last night, surrounded by all the extra supplies and shiny new goodies that came in the bundle. All those items I have absolutely no idea how to use. I hear it beckoning to me in a ghostly voice. 👻“Come to me…Plug me in…Switch me on…Start your first project.“👻

I told H if I bought this item he would probably have to listen to a few choice words as I mastered the learning curve. Right now I’m dumbstruck and mute, no coherent thoughts in my head.

I tell myself to stop making excuses. Stop procrastinating. The sun is peeking through the slats of the blind.

Time to make that banana bread. Look who’s waiting now!


To Have And To Hold On To 

To Have And To Hold On To 

I’ve just read Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki. It’s not a good idea to read this book if your spouse is dead set against ridding the house of any of his possessions. Yes, H holds on tight. 

To become a minabalist, as Sasaki is suggesting, is not my main goal. Deleting unnecessary aricles of possession is. I could never discard the TV as he did. How else would I drive the message home with all these DIY shows of decluttering, rearranging, and remodeling if I did? Besides, the TV keeps H occupied while I try to work. 

Most of my books are on my Kindle or on Audible except for a few cherished volumes, so that takes care of my book clutter. H’s stash of books is a different matter. His collection consists of everything from his first bible and mountainous stacks of music books, to Azimuths of the Sun – just one of the many unreadable titles from his dad’s collection that do nothing for our entertainment but allow us to watch the dust build up. (I’m refusing to dust these questionable articles anymore.)

At last count there were about twenty-seven bibles in this small house. And that doesn’t include other bible related materials. Included are bibles that belonged to his great-great and maybe greater grandparents. There are bibles so old that the covers hang on by a thread and the pages crumble when turning. There’s a whole tub of religious sheet music and music books of H’s mothers taking up valuable floor space in The Philadelphia Room. She also dabbed a little in the art of writing her own music so that’s included in H’s stash.    

I have recently organized and labeled tubs of old photos and ancient framed pictures of H’s ancestors. But what do you do with scenery pictures of unfamiliar places and the ones of faces with no names? The box is too heavy for me to pick up. 

Another book I read last year is Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  What I took away from this reading experience was how to fold clothes to fit in the limited space we have for storing them. I gave up trying to teach H this art and just do it myself. It’s easier this way. Kondo’s next book, Spark Joy,  was written after the inclusion of a husband and baby in her life. I haven’t read it yet, but I am curious to know how she keeps all that order with a baby in the mist, much less, a spouse! 

With all that being said, H and I have been at a stalemate on the subject of downsizing. I tug one way while he stands firm on the other side. 

An article I read this morning, Simplicity When Your Spouse Doesn’t Get It, says to take a vote about getting rid of shared possessions and respect the decision. It doesn’t say what to do in case of a tied vote. With only two participants who don’t usually agree on what to toss and what to keep, it’s bound to happen – the majority of the time! 

This, too, comes from the same article – “Start with Yourself. You can’t change anyone, only yourself. So focus on the stuff that is yours – your wardrobe, your desk, your schedule, your stuff. The best way to change the hearts of those around you is to lead by example – forcing the issue will not win you any allies. If it belongs to someone else in the house, keep your hands off.”

Yes, I have stuff too, but I try to keep it organized and at a minimum – and I know where what I need is – most of  the time. (I’ve also decided to stop being keeper of where all items H may need to put his hands on are.) 

Even though there are only two people involved in this battle-of-the-wills, I’m convinced I’m outnumbered! 


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