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Is it Valentines Day yet?

Is it Valentines Day yet?

Every time I looked at my new Cricut I was dumbstruck. What was I thinking? As if I needed another project to master or something else to fill up the cracks in my already busy days!

When you are down with an upper respiratory infection for a week you have plenty of free time to peruse YouTube video’s of basic Cricut For Dummies. What that did for me was make me more in awe of what this machine can do.

I’m not sure what I was waiting for. I had all the extra tools, fabrics, cutting mat, and design in mind. My laptop was connected to the Cricut and I even had a block of time where H would be out of the house teaching lessons. Interruptions were no excuse anymore.

So, after three weeks of staring at my new Cricut and shaking with fear, I finally jumped in with a project.

Scary Stuff!

I downloaded a simple heart silhouette, backed my linen fabric with heat bond, uploaded my file, and presto!

No, seriously, it was not that easy. But it was not as hard as I thought it would be and I now have a jump on Valentine decor in my Etsy shop.

Now that I know this machine can do what I thought it could, I may be hooked!


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