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I know you’ve heard it before – the 3-day rule. This rule is most often applied to fish and company, assuming both begin to stink after 3 days,  but I’ve found it should be applied to most everyday experiences too. This could mean valued time earned to spend on other interests because laundry and bank accounts do not head up my list of favorite things to do. 


  • It has taken me more than 3 days and a jammed-up inbox to realize those blogging emails I saved, intending to go back to read later is most likely not going to happen. 
  • 3 days of not reconciling your bank statement after traveling will not make money magically appear in your account – unless you have a fairy godmother or sugar daddy. 
  • 3 days of watching the dirty laundry pile up will also not place clean knickers in your drawers. 
  • 3 days of worrying about when you will find the time to write does not produce any chapters.

My new rule of thumb is, after 3 days, those forgotten emails will be history. I always breath easier with a clean inbox. 

With no fairy godmother or sugar-daddy to my credit, I have to take care of that bank statement ASAP because worrying about it takes up more time than we all care to admit. Also, with the way debit and credit cards are being hijacked so easily these days I’m afraid to miss more than 24 hours looking at my accounts online! 

Laundry isn’t so hard to do when you don’t let it pile up for days on end. After all, it’s only H and I to wash for. How much can there really be? 3 days is now my limit. 

And with that all taken care of  there is plenty of time left to write those chapters with a clear mind.  


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