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I Took A Stand Against Technology Today

I Took A Stand Against Technology Today

Technology is getting out of hand. One-on-one communication is not always the norm anymore. What used to be accomplished with a phone call, meeting, or handwritten note is now expedited with mass emails or group texts. 

Teachers use group texts for communicating with their classes, students with their study groups, and employers  with their employees. Parents also use group texts, staying on top of it all with their children. 

I’m in that parent category as well. I group text with the girls almost every day. There are four of them and it’s easier this way. We left Andrew out of this group. I can’t remember why, but I doubt he would respond to our silliness often. He acted upset about it once...

Here are few group texts from the last week. You can tell how serious this conversation is. Of course there is also the teacher child who communicates with her colleagues per group texts! We get one of these a few times a month from Amie. 

Today I took a stand against group texting and before we left for church I individually texted all my children, “Happy Easter!” 

No group text. Andrew still hasn’t responded. ūüė¶

I should follow up with individual phone calls to them all later this afternoon. 





To make life a little easier to share pieces of our day with each other, my daughter, Amie, decided the Sisters and Mom needed a group text experience. In fact that’s the name of our ‘Group Me’ text – Sisters and Mom. Not sure why¬†I am put last in the title. Hmmm?¬†Was I an after thought?

Andrew found out about this sharing experience when he was home during Thanksgiving and answered my phone while I was driving. I think his feelings were a little hurt because he wasn’t included.

Trust me Andrew – it’s not for everyone. You probably wouldn’t be interested in the context. Sometimes we get a little long-winded.

And as the girls say – he doesn’t always answer texts so they never know if he even gets what they send…just saying…

Here’s some¬†snippets of what may not be interesting to Andrew. Excuse any misspelled words – you all know how auto correct works…or doesn’t!

  I believe one of my girls did that very same thing and I think it was Amie! She always thought she was grown-up. Pay-back time! 

 Finally some royalty in the family. And a beauty queen at that! 

  I looked for Andrews Captain Hook hook to send her. It would have been a perfect time to be a pirate! 


Brother and Sister Love!   


 Baptist raised  children in a Catholic Church is an eye-opener for sure! 


And this is my favorite, ¬†sent before the group text ¬†of ‘Sisters and Mom’ became an item. ¬†Ethan decided to help out choosing the morning snack for him and Sydney Paige!¬†


Even grown they are still squabbling over something!     

So now you see why Andrew probably got the better end of this deal. Entertainment to a group of giggling women is not at all entertainment to men!


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