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Juggling Life

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Juggling Life

Juggling so much that is going on right now I’ve neglected my blog! Can anyone else relate to that?

  1. It was a wild week last week. Andrew graduated from grad school at Lee University and has accepted a great graduate assistantship to further his education at the University of South Carolina. Who would have known when I was having anxiety attacks over him getting his homework done in high school he was going to go this far?
  2. My granddaughter’s dance studio has been selected to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in November. With it costing a small fortune to attend she’s started a gofundme page here > Stop by and see this amazing twelve-year-old dancer if nothing else!
  3. I’m in the process of collecting an email list for a short monthly newsletter. Uggh! It’s something they said I need to do. Can it be any harder? I’d love to see you on this list! You can sign up here > (you could win a $100 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of Avoiding The Tilt, and believe me when I say the odds are in your favor right now!)
  4. I just downloaded a new program on my computer – InDesign. So far I’m baffled but trying to work through it. I’ll be letting you know soon what I plan on doing with this program.
  5. Friday I’m traveling to Monroe, Louisiana for my granddaughter’s high school graduation. She’s the third one of my grandchildren graduating and will be attending Southern Arkansas University in the fall.
  6. And last but not least, I’ve set the publishing date for my newest book – Avoiding The Tilt – June 25th! You can preorder the kindle addition here >

So you can see I haven’t been playing around. Not unless you count the couple of times we’ve been to the beach this month!



The Pay Isn’t Good But the Experience Is Great

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The Pay Isn’t Good But the Experience Is Great

My phone dinged with a text from Andrew at 6:44 am. He was letting me know he was at the airport, courtesy of a ride from his sister, and would text again when he landed.

When he applied for a spot at Chosen Vale International Percussion Seminar, way back in January, I didn’t give it a second thought. But, apparently, it’s a big deal. At least he thinks so. All I know is it cost a $$gazillion dollars and has stressed him out this summer preparing music for it. I think that is a musician’s trait to stress out so much.

The seminar is being held in New Hampshire at this place. He has been there for a week now and it’s a two-week ordeal. The first few days he said he has never been so hot. There is no air conditioning in the buildings they are in because they are kept as authentic as possible. They had to sleep with the windows open and a fan going all night which didn’t help much at all. I expected him to have cooler weather than we have here in Florida or he has in Tennessee, but evidently, they are experimenting a heat wave. This week it has finally cooled off again and he said it’s actually chilly.

When he told me he had to be up early one morning because he had breakfast duty to wash dishes, I questioned why, after paying that amount of money to attend, he had to do dishes. They have to each pitch in a couple of times and he drew breakfast both times. He said, “on the bright side, not as many people get up for breakfast so there will be less dishes to wash.” Smart boy!

This afternoon he said he has eaten more chickpeas this week than he can handle. I don’t think I’ve ever had chickpeas except maybe in soup. I guess I won’t be cooking chickpeas when he stops here next week on his way to work a band camp in central Florida!

I’m glad he has the opportunity in his higher education to experience different cultures, meet new people in his field of interest, and work side by side with great musicians. And let’s not forget, he’s even learned to do dishes!

He should graduate in the spring of 2019 with his masters in music performance and intends to continue his education farther. I’ve decided he’s going to be a professional student, but the pay isn’t very good!


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