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Finding The Time

Finding The Time

When Andrew was in the first grade he told his teacher he could not practice his reading at home because his mother was too busy sewing. To say the least, I was appalled because that was not entirely true. He’s still finding excuses because I know that unless it’s a piece of music, he doesn’t really like to read.

I guess I’m no better because I’ve come up with the same excuse – I can’t write because I’m too busy sewing. Sometimes it’s just easier to not get started on those chapters because I know I won’t get to finish.

To me, writing a book is not something that can be done with interruptions. With my sewing, I can get up and down, leave and return in ten minutes or so and get right back into the groove.

Writing takes more concentration. Your thoughts can’t be all over the place and neither can you. Now I’m not saying that you have to start and end your writing endeavor in one long writing session, but you do need a block of time in every day specifically blocked out for writing. Maybe I should put a lock on my door and leave my phone in the other room.

So my excuse is, I haven’t stopped writing, I just haven’t had time. I have a book – almost finished – it just needs an ending then editing and tweaking. Finding that block of time has been hard to find with H retired, plus my real job has been hectic this past year. Yes, I had to add that job part in there, but it’s true.

When I did have a few days of off-time I didn’t put pen to paper as I had planned. Instead I found myself taking those precious blank hours to detoxify from a stressful day by binge watching Netflix with H or getting absorbed in another historical fiction read. It was just so easy.

I plan to retire in a year or two, but I don’t want to wait that long to finish my current book. I need to be more consistent in planning my day around my writing instead of planning my writing around my day. Evidently, the latter didn’t work very well last year.

Writing is on the same level with exercise – you need to actually participate in the activity for any results!


Just A Matter Of Opinion

Just A Matter Of Opinion

I promise this will be my last post about author reviews for a while. Recently I re-blogged an article – You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS from Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog. This article stressed the importance of leaving reviews on Amazon on the books we have read. This goes double for indie authors.

Gail Kaufman left a comment on that re-blog that got me thinking and I’m going to quote her here –

Gail Kaufman

“If I like a book, I always leave a review but not if I don’t like it. When I don’t like a book, it’s not necessarily because it’s bad. Sometimes, it is simply not what I expected or not my style. For example, I don’t enjoy graphic violence or books about sports. That’s not a reflection on the writer; it’s just not my thing. So I can’t honestly leave a good review, but it wouldn’t be fair to leave a bad review either; so I’m silent in those cases.”

She’s right you know. It’s all a matter of opinion whether or not we like or enjoy what we read. Don’t be hasty to leave a bad review if you dislike what you read. I know – I said before that all reviews count in numbers on Amazon, but do we really want to have our star rating pulled down when someone posted a bad review because they didn’t enjoy the story? Probably not.

Yes, we all want to know what the readers think of our story. We want the honest review. But, remember – you can’t please every reader out there. Maybe that displeased reader will contact you personally and let you know why he didn’t like the story. It does happen!

No, I’m not writing this because I’ve  gotten a sudden surge of bad reviews. Coffee-Drunk Or Blind has twenty-four reviews – all five-star, and Crossing the Line has seventeen positive reviews and one negative. Of course that one negative review irks me, but you can’t engage. Never engage!

I would love more reviews because I know more have read, but as I’ve also said before, some people just don’t review. Here’s hoping they are enjoying what they are reading anyway, and I thank them for their purchase!

Now I’m not a fan of Sci-Fi, but I’ve read some to support some fellow authors. Also on my not-so-loved genre list is Paranormal – but there are some good ones out that have surprised me when I read them. Again, to support my fellow authors. My pick of the litter lately, is Historical Fiction. I’m hooked. The more I read, the more I want to write in that genre!

So to change the subject to something more pleasant than ‘to review or not to review’, – what are your favorite genre’s to read?



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