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You want traffic flowing through your site don’t you? In and out, back and forth, all day and all night? Even if you say you are writing for writing’s sake,  you write to let off steam, to put your thoughts on paper, or to inform others of some subject dear to you and it’s very flattering and great for your ego when the traffic is flowing continually through your site.

So what do you do to ensure this? My thoughts on this subject may not be yours, but it works for me.

  • WRITE GOOD CONTENT – Do your research on the subject beforehand. After you write that good content, edit it! Make sure all your T’s are crossed and your I’s are dotted. Misspelled words are unforgivable in this day and age. Spell check is a finger-tap away – USE IT! Nothing irks me more than to wonder what was meant by a phrase when grammar is used improperly and words are misspelled. Believe me, I’m not perfect and I’m sure I’ve made this mistake plenty when my eyes were crossed from all the reading and writing I’d done that day.  You know how it is when you write a text and hit send before giving it a good once-over? Dontlet thet hapenher! See what I mean?
Tony has a point!

Tony has a point!

  • RECIPROCATE – So… you went to great lengths to write that piece. You were so proud when you published and right out of the gate you had readers liking and commenting all over the place. You are overwhelmed with their generosity in comments. (Believe me – It’s not always easy to jump in and leave a comment. Make your commenters feel welcome and they will be there for you always.) If you want to keep the ball rolling comment back to them. Yeah, I know. It’s so easy to hit that LIKE button and be on your merry way. DO NOT DO THAT! Replying back to that comment will insure the reader will return another day with another comment in the near future. You may even rack up some followers this way. I’m sure if you have fourteen gazillion commenters it’s hard to keep up and reply to all…but really? How many of us are actually in that position? You probably wouldn’t even be reading this post if you were!
It could lead to great things!

It could lead to great things!

  • SHARE – I know you have all seen those share buttons at the end of reading a post. Usually they are right up there above the LIKE button and there are usually plenty to choose from. Facebook – Twitter – Linkedin – Pinterest – Tumblr – StumbleUpon – Email. I’m sure I’ve left some out. How easy it is to tap that button and share with the world is inconceivable. Everyone is on Facebook and the majority of us are on Twitter. Did you just read a awe-inspiring post? Did it hit a nerve, projecting your thoughts exactly? Did that post make you giggle or have information you know others would benefit from? All you have to do is tap one or two or even three of those share buttons and you’ve just made a friend with the writer – a writer who may even visit your site and follow you.
It's so easy to tap that button! Try it - you'll like it!

It’s so easy to tap that button! Try it – you’ll like it!

No this is not the all time magic act to increase the readership on your blog, but it’s a start and I bet you make a few good friends along the way. Practice makes perfect.

Come on now – I know you want to share this article with your blogger friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Just do it! Tap-tap-tap! Easy-peasy!



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