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Beware Of Hidden Clauses

Beware Of Hidden Clauses

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter to be bombarded with constant “junk” mail in your inbox? I have…

What I thought was going to be a nice friendly newsy and infrequent note from time to time turned out to be more and more and more…

I promise my newsletter won’t be like that. I frankly don’t have the time and I don’t possess the technological mind to send out automatic notes or reminders ever few days or weeks.

What you can get from signing up for my newsletter here is a $100 Amazon gift card if you are the lucky winner! I guess you could unsubscribe if you don’t win. But then you wouldn’t be eligible for the next prize in the very infrequent newsletter give-a-way. I don’t know if I can top that $100 gift card but it will be something you’ll want to find out!

BTW – Avoiding The Tilt, my newest humorous fiction book, publishes in a few days! Preview here. I’ve been working hard this past week to finalize the manuscript and cover. What do you think about my new cover? 


My very infrequent newsletter.



My first book published – CROSSING THE LINE – now has a nifty new cover! See it shining over there in my side bar…(wink-wink)

Helena’s husband, Jim, recently hired a new assistant, and has been staying out way too late at night, spending too much money to make Helena comfortable. Jim, a closet narcissist, is in denial that his thirty year marriage is in jeopardy as Helena slowly unravels incriminating evidence against him.

Read the full preview here.

To celebrate this great day and to thank all my social media friends and supporters, I’m going to give away one signed print book and one Kindle copy of Crossing The Line. To enter, visit my Author Facebook Page here, and the rest is a piece of cake! The give-a-way will take place on Monday, February 6th. Don’t be late! Enter today! Looking forward to seeing you!

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Thanks again for your support of another Indie Author!


NONFICTION….COFFEE DRUNK OR BLIND on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

FICTION…………CROSSING THE LINE on Amazon in paperback and Kindle


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