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New York Mayor Grants Health Insurance for Cats

My friend Susannah has an interview up on The Green-Walled Tower about her latest book – ‘Notes From A Working Cat’. Great short read with lots of laughs for your weekend pleasure. It will warm your bones! ~Elle

The Green-Walled Tower

Do cats work hard? They sure don’t act like it. After all, they’re rated the 9th laziest animal by, who should know a thing or two about all things pawed.Notes newspaper

Of course, we know that cats do work hard, just in their own way. They kill enough mice and rats to keep us from swimming in vermin and that’s no small thing. I don’t think the title of this post will be seen in the New York Times anytime soon, but that’s not saying it shouldn’t be. Maybe they could pay taxes in rat tails or something.

Let me tell you about one cat who worked hard. Her name was Maya. She was more than a cat though: she was a lady. She had a job but had to keep out of sight because of health inspectors. She had an infuriating owner, a high-classed friend named Puccini, and…

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