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Beware Of Hidden Clauses

Beware Of Hidden Clauses

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter to be bombarded with constant “junk” mail in your inbox? I have…

What I thought was going to be a nice friendly newsy and infrequent note from time to time turned out to be more and more and more…

I promise my newsletter won’t be like that. I frankly don’t have the time and I don’t possess the technological mind to send out automatic notes or reminders ever few days or weeks.

What you can get from signing up for my newsletter here is a $100 Amazon gift card if you are the lucky winner! I guess you could unsubscribe if you don’t win. But then you wouldn’t be eligible for the next prize in the very infrequent newsletter give-a-way. I don’t know if I can top that $100 gift card but it will be something you’ll want to find out!

BTW – Avoiding The Tilt, my newest humorous fiction book, publishes in a few days! Preview here. I’ve been working hard this past week to finalize the manuscript and cover. What do you think about my new cover? 


My very infrequent newsletter.

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