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Abracadabra – POOF! Does Anyone Have An Extra Magic Wand?

Abracadabra – POOF! Does Anyone Have An Extra Magic Wand?

So I should be writing right now on ‘What Line’.  After we ran around all day doing car and truck repairs and oil changes its time for a break. Harry is watching the LSU game and I have one eye on the game and one on my WordPress reader catching up on the posts I have missed today.

I’m also contemplating picking up the latest book I started reading today (Silk For The Feed Dogs by Jackie Mallon) and shutting out everything around me. It’s not often lately that I have opened a book that has held my attention this much. Maybe its the sewer in me and I find Jackie and I relate somewhat.

This post started out as I wondered why men cannot multi-task the same as women. I can watch this game, read, and hold a conversation all at the same time.  And…write this post! 😉 I try to hold back my laughter as I am  reading some posts and when I try to share something with H I don’t think he even hears me. The game is on and I barely get a grunt, but when he nudges me and says watch this – did you see that – or some other game related comment – I am supposed to stop all activity and glue myself to the screen and both ears should be open for his comments and opinions.

I’m not complaining – just wondering why that is. The difference in the way men and women accomplish tasks that is. Sometimes I find myself flitting from one thing to the other and then to something else during the day and really not accomplishing much of anything. Not one of the projects gets my full attention. Nothing seems to get finished and tasks are half done, left to be worked on the next day. The load of laundry is sometimes run through the dryer numerous times to remove the wrinkles before I finally get it folded. The dishwasher serves as an extra cabinet. I don’t see H doing that. He finishes one project and then starts on the next, although this ‘little hunting truck’ repair seems to have been taking most of his free time the last few weeks. 😦

Maybe I should take a page out of Harry’s book and focus on one thing at a time. My actual paying work may get finished and I won’t have to kill myself on the deadline day to get the pillows out in time. The chores around the house and laundry could easily be done in half a day or so and then the rest of the week could be free of that undesirable work. For heavens sake! There are only the two us living here right now.  That does not make my laundry basket very full. All the bills could be paid in one sitting instead of a few here and a couple there spreading it out over the month like I tend to do. I really do need to get that in check.

Now look at all the time I have freed up for my writing – at least four days a week! Its a good plan. I just don’t see it happening. That multi-tasking is in my blood. If only I had a magic wand!




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