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I’ve had this gnawing thought in the back of my mind for a few weeks now. Sadly, even though it has slowed down quite a bit, Reblog Wednesday is still up there on a tab on my site. Right up above you in the header if you are reading this in its full form on your computer. The mobile view doesn’t show it – not on my phone anyway. You can also find it by clicking on the highlighted link in this paragraph.

It’s partly my fault, I’m sure. Yes, I’ve posted your reblogs when I’ve gotten notice and sometimes I’ve had to dig for those notices, but they are there. I feel most of my rebloggers  have gotten as busy as I have. I haven’t lost interest –  I’ve lost time. I haven’t had much time to post many originals of my own and with that comes not much time to read your original posts either. You all know you have to read to be able to reblog, don’t you? And most importantly you must read to be able to write!

My partial solution to this little problem is to reblog some of my personal favorites of my own essays that have drawn the most interest. I’ll be taking them out of the attic and dusting off the cobwebs. This should add a bit of time to my writing calendar so I won’t feel guilty about not working on my book(s).

Why don’t you do the same? Reblog some of your older posts and link back to me. I’ll put them up on your reblog page. Hey…a reblog is a reblog!



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I’ve been trying to schedule some writing time since I’ve been so busy with my paying job lately. When is a good time I ask myself? According to the world around me – NEVER. So many interruptions and so little time. Sometimes those interruptions are welcome interruptions and puts a smile on your face. 🙂

One of H’s favorite lines when he is off for the summer is, “When you get to a stopping point…” and then the rest of my day is filled with ‘not writing’. Five more days of the school year left and because H teaches there is no telling when and if I will get to write. I guess I will have to lock myself up in the Philadelphia room for hours at a time to be able to show a little progress.

My summer will also be filled with visits from three of my daughters – maybe the fourth – and their children. This house will be bursting at the seams. I realized in a state of panic last week two visits were over-lapping for one day. OH MY GOODNESS! Where will I put 11 extra people in this 1145 square foot house? Two extra beds, a pull-out sofa, and very little floor space for the blow-up mattress may not cut it this time. The grandchildren are growing and not all are tiny anymore.

Doing the math in my head was just not working. One of those extra people was Andrew who would be home that week to work with his dad with the WHS percussion line for band camp. His room was in jeopardy. Every time I placed a person in one bed to sleep another came along to push them out of that bed. It was like the song about the little monkeys jumping on the bed and they ALL fell out and bumped their heads. I would be needing a lot of bandages!


Kerri and her two girls will be here for the fourth and then she will leave Lia and Charlee for the week so she can go back to work. The next weekend I will meet her halfway to deposit them back in her arms.

That will be the same weekend Andrew will be coming in to work band camp so we will probably pass each other on the road. Jessie and her crew of five will be arriving on Monday the 13th, leaving on the 16th and Amie and her four daughters plan to pull in on the 15th. Kinda confusing right?

So that still leaves those 11 extra people jammed into this tiny house at one time. What to do?…What to do? Quickly making a call to Amie I encouraged her to postpone her trip for one day and then stay an extra day. It was that or someone or somebodies would be sleeping in the van parked in the driveway! Actually, she was fine with the plan. She said she would be seeing them in June for a few days anyway. So glad she’s easy-going!

So as Jessie and her family of five exit, Amie and her four girls will be entering. They can wave, hug, kiss, or whatever as they pass through the gates!

Now we are trying to fit Terri and Will into the mix somewhere. She is planning to drop him for a week and then I’ll meet her halfway for the return trip back to Louisiana.

H barely has five weeks off this summer because they changed the start time of school to an earlier date – two weeks earlier to be exact! The first week of his time off will be spent on a band trip for a few days to Wild Adventures with his students. After that, his time is his own…until band camp starts and everyone starts rolling in. This is what happens when you have a big family and a small space.

Where there is a will there is a way and it will all be good! There will be beach time, goofy golf, the Armament Museum, and plenty of laughter for old and young!

So…you tell me – when is a good time to write? Any suggestions? 😉







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